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  1. I ordered some T-shirts from Jacamo recently. On Wednesday I got an e-mail from "Hermes" saying the parcel had been delivered and as we were out (we were in all day) the driver left the parcel in our (Green) shed (Hold on we don't have a shed) and a message saying (Please see photograph) "For security reasons I have not printed the photograph". Anyway I printed the pic, got in the car, an went shed hunting. After touring side roads, dirt tracks etc, etc and quite a few private driveways I found the shed (only to find no parcel in sight). Just as we were getting ready to drive home the Lady of the house turned up and after explaining why we were searching her property she said " Ah! it's yours, but it's in the wrong shed!". Seems the driver photographed the wrong shed and placed the parcel in the feed shed. Kus over 1.5 miles from us (A total of 3 miles to retrieve it) Like myself Jacamo were not too happy.
  2. There have bee weather warning for most of the UK with the advice "Do not got out unless it is absolutely "necessary ". Pillocks still went out!
  3. That site is loaded with ads, you get a choice "Let them load the ads" or "Pay to go ad free".. Personally speaking I just closed their page down.
  4. The burger van at Tesco ? I'm thinking (will they need bigger tills? )
  5. There are three types of internal heater, units to fix high up on a wall, low down units (radiator type), and ceiling mounted unit. We have ceiling units, three in total (dining room, living room and hallway) with nowt in the bedrooms. We have an electric towel rail in the bathroom (left on continually). Good Points 1. Much cheaper than the oil heating in previous property. Electric cost for a year was about £1400 (£1000 standard rate of 17.55p and £400 off peak at 10.82p) which includes heating, lighting, washing machine etc but not hob / oven cooking which is gas. 2. Installation cost was less than quote for oil or bottled gas heating. 3. Installation was quick (less than two days) and clean. 4. Ceiling units take up no space so positioning furniture is not compromised. 5. Maintenance is minimal, filter cleaning only (and even this is easy with minimal dust). 6. Each unit has it's own timer. Bad Points 1. The fans can be slightly intrusive when watching a quiet TV programme. 2. In really bad weather some back-up may be needed. We have a gas fire in the living room which was used about 10 times last winter and has yet to be used this winter. 3. A dry form of heating, keep having to top up the dog's water bowl! 4. Has to be reset after a power cut. Easy to do, but annoying if you are out of the house. 5. Even with the fans the heat distribution is not always perfect. Hope this helps. Mal.
  6. Not pertaining to to the isles deliveries more within the isle, Who is taking up the slack now that North Isles Deliveries has stopped delivering for Streamline ?
  7. This past couple of years the shops were over-run with calendars, Seemed like each area had one then add on local charities etc etc etc basically it was overkill and a lot of charities were left with calendars which were still on sale in march/April. This year it seams they learned their lesson and there are less in the shops. Last year we got five from friends & relatives this year None! and as the old saying goes "Never buy your home a calendar or get bad luck all year" I was glad to get one in the Shetland Times. Happy New Year to all
  8. It's not just buses at Tesco tho, Taxis are the biggest offenders followed by van drivers and buses last. So why are the buses and only buses that are being asked to move ?. To be honest nobody should park in that spot as a) There is a Zebra crossing and a fire escape right slap bang in the middle of that section. I have see all of the above vehicles park right up to and even on the crossing, this I think is where the most danger comes as shoppers (young and old) have to step out in front of anything parked there. There is (to me) an obvious solution, stop people using the second lane which is unmarked and turn that into a bus stop and taxi rank in its own right either that or put a bus stop on the Sea road right outside the gap in Tesco's stane wall.
  9. Odd, it worked today. Gremlins methinks !
  10. That is what I tried, didn't work
  11. How do I go about changing my location in my profile ? Tried just now but it wont let me. Mal
  12. How come nobody heard the shots ?
  13. There is a "Dogs" van with two dog cages built in up for sale on Shetland Auto's on Facebook. That will be it.
  14. The Harry Hay Halls of Residence. Or The Zoo Rooms.
  15. Oh how I miss those days of fish n chips wrapped in newspaper. Mmmmm nymnymnym
  16. We got ours from DITT. They did a nice job of fitting it too.
  17. The "Patient Hotel" rooms are a decent size with comfy beds, dressing table, wardrobe, color tv (12 - 20 channels), modern shower room with wc and wash hand basin and internal telephone. You get breakfast and dinner provided in one of the two staff canteens (just put your room key on your tray). Tea and coffee are available in the family kitchen, there is also basic cooking facilities available too. You come and go as you please as you will have a key to the area door as well. I hope this helps and your child recovers well. Mal
  18. If he's guilty of doing that, then he's just lost my support. Sadly he is guilty of this, there is a notice on the gate leading to the small beach which says "Private" on it.
  19. Planning are missing a good opportunity to add a much needed caravan park to the area. Situate it next to or near the Pizzaria and you get instant footfall
  20. Islesburgh is a youth hostel very clean and said to be one of the best.
  21. http://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/cilla-black-dead-legendary-tv-6180303#ICID=sharebar_facebook Night night Cilla.
  22. Let the train take the strain... Lets build a railway
  23. After making love to Kylie Minogue yesterday I think there are two things you all need to know. First, she really is as sexy as hell and second, the staff at Madam Tussauds are miserable boobalubes with no sense of humour!!
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