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  1. Sorry if I've missed something but when has any of this been the driving factor behind Scottish independence? It's people that have paid no attention, that have done no research, yet are default "no" voters because they believe this kind of nonsense. Please do some actual research before the 18th of September. Explore the positives & negatives of both sides with an open mind and then make your decision. After all, it's not just your vote, it's a vote for future generations - it's too important to be deciding on such pointless arguments!
  2. Maybe true but, if so, I wonder how the China's etc. of this world manage to trade so succesfully. I suspect that what Salmond et. al. are afraid of is that the 'Wee Bawbee' (or whatever home currecy Scotland may be forced to adopt) will have little or no value internationally and will force our prices upwards. China can probably afford to trade so well due to the fact that they use child labour, have incredibly poor working conditions for the majority of their working population & have a population in excess of 1billion. Or something like that. Anyway, a ridiculous comparison.
  3. I fail to see what impact someone smoking and e-cigarette would have on the general public?! Just because you don't like the look of it, doesn't mean that it should be made illegal. I don't like the look of flares, but should they be made illegal? Probably. I think perspective needs to be taken.
  4. I fail to see where I have judged you there, Kavi. I was simply calling you out on a point which was ill-informed & had nothing to do with the actual topic.
  5. What a perfect example of pre-judging a minority, accusing them of something with no evidence or reason & then being made to look a moomin when it turns out you couldn't be further from the truth. Amazing!
  6. Because young people are much less likely to vote, express opinions & have their say heard. At the end of the day, they are Shetland's future, you old farts have had your time!
  7. Kavi Ugly, yet again, showing that they have absolutely no idea what they are talking about! Don't use such ridiculous, sweeping statements without first coming with some sort of evidence, if at all. It's comments like that that put people (such as the OP) off of moving to a perfectly nice area. Spartan - I wish you well in your move!
  8. The fact is that the OP already knew where the market was, thereby rendering his complaint completely and utterly pointless. MORONS
  9. Cancel your boat/flights there and get out of this as soon as you can!
  10. I'm still waiting for Kavi's responses to the points I brought up with them...
  11. Also, what would you prefer they teach children in school? Please, please make me laugh by saying Norwegian!
  12. I do actually know about Shetland's history and heritage. But I ask you this question: how much, NOWADAYS, do MODERN DAY Shetlanders have in common with the Norwegians? Modern day language and culture - slim to nothing! I would argue that we have about 95% more in common with Scotland. Who knows even if the Norwegians would welcome us?! And Kavi, who are you to "assure" Shetlanders that we would get a very good deal if we were to become part of Norway, the Norwegian Prime Minister?! I for one can't see this idea ever taking off, and would strongly be opposed to it!
  13. The idea of Shetland becoming a part of Norway seems completely and utterly bizarre and is lost on me. We share very little in the way of culture, language or similar ideologies to Norway (those who point to UHA are completely delusional, do you really think that's what Norway is like these days?!) That idea really is a non-starter, but where the debate is to be had is about Scottish Independence, as it needs to be answered in 2 years. Having a sensible debate (without calling Salmond Hitler) would, to me, be the way forward. I for one have yet to decide!
  14. Where have I been? Try on the mainland where you get much, much higher quality bakery's. Or if you're feeling exotic, try any European country! The bread you get in Shetland is awful, and only of very limited variety!
  15. Is it just me that think all bakeries in Shetland are below par? It doesn't surprise me to see them go out of business at all to be honest. All of the bakeries are essentially the same, the same cakes, same icing, same bread. None of the bakeries (except from rolls) can bake a decent loaf, and surely that should be a bakeries staple?! Shetland really does lack a good quality bakery that does something a little bit different!
  16. It seems odd to me that you find Twitter and Television "inane, brain-liquefying and coma inducing" and would rather "stick to real life" when it appears to me that you spend the majority of your time on the cyberspace of bile that is Shetlink! Quite a hypocritical view you have of Twitter and TV, don't you think?! Anyway, I enjoy a good bit of TV and wish James all the best in next weeks final! Good to have a bit of positivity every now and then, even if Shetlinkers try to ruin all the fun!
  17. The council needs a serious clear out! How can they even consider this?! They have it in their mind to close all country schools - Primaries and Junior Highs - despite how good the schools may rank, I'm sure of it. They are set on making this brand new "Super School" in Lerwick, well get on with it then! And Shetland is not all about the toon! If they stopped wasting all of their money on speaking about building a new school, bridges here there and everywhere, and wasting millions on Mareel (as well as many other ridiculous waste of time projects they consider) they surely wouldn't have to make these cuts to bairns education?! You have to question how these people get elected continually, surely there must be somebody better?! This isn't just about the possible school closure, money does have to be saved, but seriously... clear out please!
  18. Shetland could not run itself as an independent country. The council can't decipher their ass from their elbow, never mind trying to run an independent Shetland. I also don't see where any other suitable candidates that could be president/prime minister would come from? The best thing that Shetland can do is to continue the way it is. I just don't understand why people think that it would be necessary?
  19. Just thought I'd throw the other side of the coin into the mix. As a 19 year old, born and raised all my life in Shetland I would in no way consider myself "Shettish". Firstly, I'm not particularly bothered, and don't really see why so many people are. But I would consider myself, Scottish, British and European. At the end of the day, the world is bigger than just Shetland!
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