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  1. Can anyone tell me any stories about rum smuggling way back when? Where did it come from? Where was it hidden? Anything at all?
  2. I seem to recall reading somewhere in the past that weddings were traditionally held in the winter months here in Shetland. Is this true or have I completely made this up? I tried checking Shetlopedia but it seems to be down.
  3. I'm not really a keen drinker of beer (I prefer white wine), but I tried a bottle of 60 degree North not so long ago and really enjoyed it. Very drinkable. Love the Valhalla brews as well.
  4. ^ I've noticed that too. I freeze a lot of produce (mainly fruit and meat) and we get our fresh veg delivered from Turriefield in Sandness.
  5. It is if you combine your shopping trip with other 'town-specific' events like dentist appointments, banking, etc.
  6. I'm surprised not to see any comments from Shetland folk on this recent Guardian article. Edit: found some! I was looking at the wrong comments section, oops!
  7. Healthcraft used to sell them. Might be worth giving them a ring and asking.
  8. Just give either the Lerwick or Aith lifeboat stations a call, or drop in for a chat. I'm sure they'll be more than happy to see you. http://rnli.org/findmynearest/station/Pages/Aith-Lifeboat-Station.aspx http://rnli.org/findmynearest/station/Pages/Lerwick-Lifeboat-Station.aspx
  9. ^ I know one mother who home educated very successfully for many years with complete support from the SIC. My partner and I were discussing it today too. If these proposed changes do come into effect we'll be weighing up the advantages/disadvantages and giving serious consideration to home education, at least for our eldest. The thought of him having to share a bus with known bullies for several hours a day fills me with dread.
  10. Does anyone know who the Shetland subcontractor for the courier Collect Plus is? Edit - they use Yodel, which is delivered by Streamline isn't it. That'll explain the delay. Sigh.
  11. There is a long standing ballroom dancing class which does salsa, among many other dances. New members are always welcome in Islesburgh rm 16 on a Wednesday evening at 7pm or at the Scalloway boating club on a Monday night. Cost: £2-50 towards room rental.
  12. If you are aware of someone deliberately selling faulty goods on Shetlink please send a mod a PM and we'll deal with it, thanks. Please don't name and shame.
  13. ^ My window was chipped the other day by a stone thrown up by the car overtaking me at a shocking speed. I was going the speed limit. It's never a good idea to assume.
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