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  1. Can anyone tell me any stories about rum smuggling way back when? Where did it come from? Where was it hidden? Anything at all?
  2. I seem to recall reading somewhere in the past that weddings were traditionally held in the winter months here in Shetland. Is this true or have I completely made this up? I tried checking Shetlopedia but it seems to be down.
  3. I'm not really a keen drinker of beer (I prefer white wine), but I tried a bottle of 60 degree North not so long ago and really enjoyed it. Very drinkable. Love the Valhalla brews as well.
  4. ^ I've noticed that too. I freeze a lot of produce (mainly fruit and meat) and we get our fresh veg delivered from Turriefield in Sandness.
  5. It is if you combine your shopping trip with other 'town-specific' events like dentist appointments, banking, etc.
  6. I'm surprised not to see any comments from Shetland folk on this recent Guardian article. Edit: found some! I was looking at the wrong comments section, oops!
  7. Healthcraft used to sell them. Might be worth giving them a ring and asking.
  8. Just give either the Lerwick or Aith lifeboat stations a call, or drop in for a chat. I'm sure they'll be more than happy to see you. http://rnli.org/findmynearest/station/Pages/Aith-Lifeboat-Station.aspx http://rnli.org/findmynearest/station/Pages/Lerwick-Lifeboat-Station.aspx
  9. ^ I know one mother who home educated very successfully for many years with complete support from the SIC. My partner and I were discussing it today too. If these proposed changes do come into effect we'll be weighing up the advantages/disadvantages and giving serious consideration to home education, at least for our eldest. The thought of him having to share a bus with known bullies for several hours a day fills me with dread.
  10. Does anyone know who the Shetland subcontractor for the courier Collect Plus is? Edit - they use Yodel, which is delivered by Streamline isn't it. That'll explain the delay. Sigh.
  11. There is a long standing ballroom dancing class which does salsa, among many other dances. New members are always welcome in Islesburgh rm 16 on a Wednesday evening at 7pm or at the Scalloway boating club on a Monday night. Cost: £2-50 towards room rental.
  12. If you are aware of someone deliberately selling faulty goods on Shetlink please send a mod a PM and we'll deal with it, thanks. Please don't name and shame.
  13. ^ My window was chipped the other day by a stone thrown up by the car overtaking me at a shocking speed. I was going the speed limit. It's never a good idea to assume.
  14. Sorry, switched the laptop off. I was referring to the reply to the previous post - there is no need to open old wounds, I don't think. Tis the season to be jolly!
  15. Be careful on the Westside roads tonight folks. The road into town this morning was fine, no problems, but coming back this evening was something altogether different. I had my first experience with black ice this evening on the new 'light absorbing ice rink of death' road into Aith. Brake fully applied and the car was not stopping! Thank goodness I was already going really slow! Drove 10 mph the rest of the way home.
  16. How is the road from the Westside into town this morning? I have to be in town early this morning and as a fairly new driver I am terrified!
  17. The Aith school sent out an email with this in it yesterday: I thought some of you might like to know.
  18. We've been trying to figure this out too. Our hot water tank switches on from 11pm-1am, 4-6 am and 4-6 pm. There is absolutely no reason to have the tank on in the middle of the night. We've spoken to both the council and the hydro and each says it's the other's responsibility and has nothing to do with them. The council said it is remotely controlled, but by whom? These times are rather odd - it means that all the hot water (we've a tiny water tank for a family of 5) gets used up during the morning routine and unless we use the boost there is no more hot water until evening (ie: none to do the lunch dishes or have a daytime bath).
  19. I'd made the family a rhubarb fool for dessert once, several years ago, served in some nice glass pudding dishes. It was quite a tasty rhubarb fool and I was enjoying every morsel until I got to the very bottom and saw 8 wiggling legs. A spider must have made itself at home in the dish and it went unnoticed as I poured the fool into the dish and let it set in the fridge. Gak! I've never made rhubarb fool since and I now store all pudding dishes upside down.
  20. ^ Me neither. I think that would be a pretty awesome way to spend a birthday! Go James!
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