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  1. 2 Vocoustic Shows before the year is out. Hope some of you can make it along. Andy www.vocoustics.com www.myspace.com/vocoustics ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Fortunate Sons With support from Flaming Katy (acoustic) + Delawair + Steve Crawford The Tunnels - Sunday 12th November - £3 from 8pm http://myspace-253.vo.llnwd.net/01321/35/29/1321429253_l.jpg http://www.myspace.com/fsons http://www.myspace.com/flamingkaty http://www.myspace.com/delawair The Fortunate Sons are knee deep in country and blues, stained from the filthy banks of the River Clyde. "A 21st Century Delta Blues Explosion" (Kim Fowley) "Watch out for these guys, they are an amazing live band" (Real Radio) Sharing a mutual love of roots, rhythm and blues, Sam West, Calum McCann, Michael Law and Graham McGeoch formed The Fortunate Sons in a smoky west end flat in 2005. Creating an underground buzz with Friday and Saturday night residencies in Glasgow, they cut their teeth in the early hours of the morning playing folk and blues in dark and dirty venues. "Blues tinged finesse ... haunting harmonies ... unique" (The Evening Times) "These guys are cracking....great songs, great musicians" (Carol Laula) After causing such a stir around Glasgow, The Fortunate Sons were soon taking their sound to bigger audiences after being invited to record the first ever live session on Scotlands number one commercial radio station, Real Radio. They followed up this exposure by playing to thousands at the "Big In Falkirk" festival alongside Sandi Thom, Orson and Midge Ure, before flying off for an 11 show tour of europe. "Sounds like crocodiles coming out of the Clyde" (Iain Anderson, Radio Scotland) "I saw The Fortunate Sons last month and cant stop raving about them" (Clyde 1 FM) Off the back of their blistering summer, the autumn months will see The Fortunate Sons launch their debut EP and record a live session for Radio Scotland before playing sell-out shows in Scotland and London. "The feel of Canned Heat" Nick Lowe, Radio Scotland "A voice like Paul Rogers" Janice Forsyth, Radio Scotland ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Grant Campbell + Rory McIntyre + Guests Peacock Visual Arts (just off the Castlegate) Thursday 14th December - £4 from 8pm http://myspace-910.vo.llnwd.net/01440/01/92/1440302910_l.jpg http://www.myspace.com/grantcampbellmusic http://www.myspace.com/rorymcintyremusic Grant Campbell's Debut Album "Postcards from Nowhere" Sunday Times - Album of the Week - 4/5 Stars. "Slow, simple, unadorned and powerful" "He may be a little country, a little bit rock'n'roll, but all of his songs have an emotional honesty that cuts straight to the heart." (The Herald) Evoking Micah P Hinson and Bruce Springsteen, gravelly Glasgow troubadour Grant Campbell is an inner-city cowboy, a brambly folk Romeo: a quiet delight to behold! Grant has been described as a gravelly voiced Clydebank cowboy. He blends his beautifully enchanting voice and lyrics with an acoustic bliss. In addition to having some honorable songwriting skills and a sound reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen and Willard Grant Conspiracy, Grant also has a rare talent for creating real thought-provoking arrangements that just seems to leave the listener thinking. Grant has recently supporting artists such as Alison Moorer, Mary Gauthier, The Handsome Family, Johnny Dowd and Odetta and was choosen to perform at the Big Big Country, Triptych and GoNorth Festivals in 2006. Debut album "Postcards from Nowhere" is currently released on Luna Records. "A voice and writer to watch." (Times Online) "13/13...this is one of the best debuts of years passed, a real hidden treasure that must be found by all." (Daniel Bristow, Room Thirteen) "It thaws out as simple emotions being articulated in elegant simplicity." (Paul Davis)
  2. Some perspective from Robert Fisk http://news.independent.co.uk/world/fisk/article1959051.ece Anyone see Margaret Beckett's statement yesterday on the courts ruling? What a vile, repugnant, carpet-faced, pointed-nosed, yellow-toothed partisan Trout! http://www.aberdeen-music.com/forums/images/smilies/kissing.gif http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/media/images/41639000/jpg/_41639862_beckett_pa_203_b.jpg
  3. Hmmmmmmmm........ What does this mean now?!?!?!?!? :? :? :? http://news.independent.co.uk/world/middle_east/article1956947.ece http://z.about.com/d/politicalhumor/1/0/u/U/saddam_hang.gif (Don't get the Practice Makes Perfect bit ?? but its an image)
  4. http://themot.org/gallery/d/58721-1/pacmanchart.png
  5. And that's not counting the cost of the July 2005 Tube bombings, which wouldn't have happened if we hadn't gone into Iraq. or policing all the Anti-War protests
  6. Only cost the taxpayer £4bn so far!!!?!! 8O 8O http://www.guardian.co.uk/guardianpolitics/story/0,,1936260,00.html
  7. Baghdad getting worse http://news.independent.co.uk/world/middle_east/article1945769.ece Yet no inquiry because of a 25 vote "majority" in Commons yesterday http://news.independent.co.uk/uk/politics/article1945764.ece
  8. some impressive guitar wanking.... sorry......playing!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbZe45eicDE and more
  9. I saw a TV programme about that! It was amazing! They spent 2 days in London with those MASSIVE puppets!! Was Cool!
  10. http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b395/SheriffBart101/bat_country.jpg
  11. I was wrong - http://www.shetlink.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=1518" ..... This is! Saw it at the weekend while in Glasgow - priceless, brilliant, genius, amazing!
  12. http://www.makecoldplayhistory.org/ (not much to the site but it exists!)
  13. somewhere near Argentina i think when did you see it there? I know it was there yesterday, but I think someone has moved it. Probably that Amerika again But you gotta hand it to them ......... because if you dont they will take it anyway
  14. Dont worry, you are welcome and safe here - stay and post. Everyone of all musicall persuasions are welcome. http://www.aberdeen-music.com/forums/images/smilies/kissing.gif I just have a healthy dislike of The Feeling.
  15. Incorrect. An utter and complete heap of steaming pish! Sooo Sooo bad! (IMHO)
  16. Which is good for meditation and relaxation yes... Try this www.myspace.com/audreyswe You know something... I ACTUALLY LIKE THAT.. its a wee bit like lamb, or morcheeba... nice Im going to see them in a cosy 100 capacity art gallary in aberdeen on nov4th. Its gonna be ace. all band members are very easy in the eye also
  17. Which is good for meditation and relaxation yes... Try this www.myspace.com/audreyswe
  18. music doesnt obey the human laws of the percentile!!!!
  19. discuss this http://www.aberdeen-music.com/forums/images/smilies/thefinger.gif
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