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  1. They have put their delivery costs up, should you now want something delivered it will cost you £15.00. I went in to enquire about getting a radio repaired and was amazed to find they had closed 'Last Ditchology'!!
  2. What a positive start to 2012...Moan moan moan!!!! If you are not happy with the Shetland way of life....there are other options!
  3. People with badly fitting false teeth, that whistle when they say "S".
  4. I have had one of these for ages, it does the job effectively. http://pets-express.co.uk/pedigree-easi-scoop-pooper-scooper-bags-p-202.html
  5. Incomers who move here constantly moaning, and find the way we run our affairs.... "quite frankly, astounding"
  6. Yet another mauling. I believe there are two of this breed in Shetland. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1342169/Boy-11-savaged-dog-father-rescued-street-days-earlier.html
  7. ^^^ In my experience... You will have a long long wait for him to shift his stumps.
  8. Well... I am most surprised you keep this breed of dog with your ailments This breed is best suited in a house with a well-fenced secluded yard. The owner of a Chinese Shar-Pei should be a strong, commanding no-nonsense leader who desires a protective, highly discriminating, territorial dog that will be at best reserved with strangers. The home should be quiet and predictable. Children will not be tolerated and could get badly hurt, particularly if roughhousing occurs. The elderly and the disabled should not consider this breed. Time to train, socialize, and exercise this breed must
  9. ^^ I agree with you whole heartedly,children should be had when the parents can provide for and support them,without state handouts.
  10. I am horrified that any parent would see their family homeless just to get them onto the council list! ....."Shamless"......
  11. Hmmmm....this wouldn't be your husbands business, would it?
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