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  1. https://www.shetlink.com/index.php?/classifieds/item/51553-adorable-little-precious-yorkshire-terrier-puppies-11-weeks-old/ Looks a bit dodgy
  2. It's a shame this amazing idea never took off. I wonder if George still has anything in the pipeline?
  3. "A months worth of rain in a day". The headline speaks for itself. And how does the road affect things up-hill of the road? Easy - if it is uphill of the road, the road has cut through/across the layer of peat on the hill destabilising it and contributes to it breaking away above the road and flowing down over it. Seems like common sense to me, of course the 'headline' has also been a contributing factor, I didn't say the building of the roads was the main cause.
  4. I'm no roads engineer but I'd hazard a guess that roadbuilding was a contributing factor in landslips shown in both these photos, and not even a great depth of peat by the looks of things. http://www.shetnews.co.uk/news/9048-a-month-s-worth-of-rain-in-a-day
  5. Mine is sittin at 1.9 - download, 0.35 upload, dat's whit I usually get. Maybe do has a fault we de line or somethin? has do tried reporting it as a fault?
  6. Mine is normal, maybe cause it's usually only about 2mbps I'm no noticing anything though...
  7. I think he's spot on and if they close all the junior high schools and put all the bairns tae the AHS it will be even worse.
  8. I've just realied it's still under the same ownership it has been for the past 10 years or so, although the maet sounds good I'll be staying away.
  9. The game is in Bressay, think kick-off is 3pm but not 100% sure....
  10. I completely agree! exactly what I was thinkin when I was listenin tae it. Wis still hard no tae laugh though!
  11. hahahaha! dis is brilliant! best accent I'm heard in a while 9:30 - 9:40 is a particular highlight! http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01rgmb1/Afternoon_Drama_Sullom_Voe/
  12. Lerwick: Lerrick, Lerweek or Da Toon - I think I 'chop an change' between da 3 Sumburgh: "Soombra" There wis a pile o' names altered ower the years, Clousta wis usually spelt Clusta until the mid - late 1800s
  13. I saw a red Mini Countryman lying outside a house in Upper Scalloway no long ago - no sure of the reg number though
  14. Why not? It's a local group promoting their promotion, let them promote it to the hilt! Good luck lads Here, here!
  15. Just realised that the comments have not been deleted - just weren't showing on my phone for some reason. Apologies tae Mareel for that A plastic cup thrown on stage wouldn't even be considered an offence at a gig at the Barrowlands/Garage etc etc. Surely if it wis an offence a warning would have done the job...?
  16. Yeah, there was a few posts by different folk after last friday's gig. All gone by the looks of things. It's going to take a really good gig to get me back in the door whilst Arctic Security are in operation/operating the same manner. I'm more confident the bar situation will improve with more staff on duty and more experience etc. Hopin tae try a film for da 1st time next week though.
  17. Very disappointed tae see all negative/constructive criticism comments have been been deleted fae the Mareel facebook page. Poor show! I didn't comment personally but had been following it.
  18. but kevin when looking down on aith you can count 6 medium turbines around aith. are they not spoiling the unspoilt views over aith. lets not forget all the low flying wimbles they will mince. My point was simply a response to the observation that not many natives were against the project. A hell of a lot Shetlanders oot wast are against it. That's all. I've already made my arguments against and there's no point in going over it again. And where are the 6 turbines in Aith (out of interest?) I can only think of 2. PS - What's a wimble? A Google search came up with this: "Web definitions: auger: hand tool for boring holes" ??
  19. 29th September 2009 4th April 2012 This is wir last (slim) chance I fear, as I suggested about 30 months ago. If you want tae stop this ask your prospective councillors where they stand on VE and vote accordingly.
  20. Kevin

    Voe Pies

    Can't believe the previous owners didn't stock Voe pies!! I have to agree the chicken and bacon ones hit the spot!
  21. Very interesting! Just had a quick look on the Archives collection and see that they have a copy of an earlier edition from 1854 as well. http://www.calmview.eu/ShetlandArchive/CalmView/Record.aspx?src=CalmView.Catalog&id=SA2%2f149&pos=5
  22. The negative posts here are a perfect example why Shetlink is dying a death! And I have experience of some weirdo trying to move in to a 'derelict' property that was owned by my family. A simple 'conversation' put him right and sent him on his way. I canna see the problem with asking though???
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