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  1. do you really think that any tourist gives a s..t if there is a thistle or not On any signage!!! I know I wouldn't I do think that promote Shetland is not worth the money
  2. I would also close cunningsburgh primary and bus them tae Sandwick school as it is only anither 10-15 minutes drive on a very good road between them.
  3. I can't believe that what i am reading from the live feed on the shetland news website is actually a council meeting. I have never been to a council meeting, but if this is how they are conducted then it is no wonder that shetland is in the mess it is! Every single person that is in the meeting at the moment is supposed to be well rounded educated people, but all i have read so far is complete drivle. The meeting should be stopped as they are not actually capable of holding a meeting.
  4. De-centralise i think is the solution.With the huge investment from the SIC in building secondary schools at Sandwick, Brae, Aith and Scalloway, along with the leisure centres built next to them, why not close the AHS in lerwick and bus the pupils out to these schools which are fit for purpose.Simples. Support these schools rather than just close them, as has already happened to Scalloway. Save millions by closing the AHS and not building another one.
  5. Thanks, my daughter saw the car that killed her cat as she was in the garden with our dog at the time. We know who it was with the silver car as he is always speeding through the road and it is only a matter of time before he has a very serious accident. He works for a local car hire company and is always driving like a lunatic in their cars as well as his own.
  6. Some lowlife has just run over our pure white cat and killed it at 8.30 this morning and left it in the middle of the road right outside the front of our house for our 5 year daughter to find. What sort of low life could do this and ignore the fact they just ran over someones pet. A very sad house this morning
  7. Another fiasco of bad decisions by head of education again, as in previous years. Will she never learn, the roads in my opinion were alot worse this morning than yesterday and continue to be very bad for driving in.
  8. Great thanks for that, will phone Monday morning
  9. Did anyone else get a letter/card in the post regarding a visit in the next two weeks for a home insulation check. Unfortunately i have binned the letter, but still not had a visit from the people supposed to be carrying out the survey, and just found out that you actually need to phone for the visit, which the letter did not actually mention.(I wonder why) Does anyone still have the letter, and possibly check to see if there is a phone number to call to request a visit. Could you maybe even post the number here for anyone else that would like to request a visit for the survey and possible free insulation as mentioned in the letter.
  10. I can not thank Tesco enough! Feeding a family of 3 kids is no easy task, and used to cost a fortune, but since tesco came it has saved me a fortune. I for one welcome the new tesco extension as it will give us more choice of products at an afordable price the same as the mainland. The streeet retailers need to take a long hard look at themselves and adjust to the 21st century and provide products and a service, to service the needs of a new era of buyers. we will no longer put up with the crap offered on the streets of shetland now or for the forseeable future of us the buyer.
  11. They should scrap or phase out the distant islands allowance of £1782 paid to council employees as a starting point for any savings. If this is paid to all council employees which there must be around 1700+ would give a saving of over £3,000,000+ per year. Also i don't think this scheme is valid anymore since it was setup to stop council employees leaving to go to the oil industry when it arrived in Shetland, and is now no longer a threat to the council losing staff with the downturn in oil coming to Shetland.
  12. I agree completely with Ghostrider. Why is it always a case with the council to increase costs such as dinner money and meals on wheels, and impose new costs such as the music tuition fee, hitting the young and old once again, and probably having a negative effect in the long term with pupils taking packed lunches instead of school meals, (which i believe to be the case in certain schools now), and pupils not taking up an instument to learn, or even stopping doing one that they may be learning at the moment because of the cost. The council needs to reduce staff numbers, especially the support/classroom/playground assistants in schools before increasing costs (CHILD TAX) to balance any accounts. The school i went to as a kid didn't have any support/classroom/playground assistants when i went, (the janitor and teachers did all the supervision that was required)but now my kids are at the same school and i think there are 7 extra assistants. Completely over the top for one primary school. Multiply that for every other primary/secondary school in Shetland and you can see why education in Shetland costs so much more per pupil than the Mainland.
  13. Yes, virgin.net has had problems with some of their servers over the last couple of days, with two of my mail accounts not sending or receiving mail but my other three mail accounts working fine. I do also know that the mail accounts that were not working are on a different server to the other accounts and there have been problems with this server before. I checked the mail accounts using webmail this morning and they seem to be back up and working again. Not sure about the BT mail services though. Maybe just a coincidence!
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