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  1. A sizeable number of English people that moved to Scotland would like Scottish independence- in search of a socialist paradise no doubt- so define “us”.
  2. Looks like he's ransacking the White Hoos. Probably find some good stuff on Ebay shortly.
  3. What was always pretty obvious. We need to be able to trade with our neighbours, especially the catchers of fish and the producers of lamb. Hoosumever some rich people will make a killing on the markets. Johnson, Rees-Moggie and Gove.
  4. The beauty of the internet is you can dream up any daft ideas and you'll always find someone else equally daft who will either agree with you or can magically manufacture some "evidence". One day you too may become President, even if you were born in Stornoway like Donald Trump
  5. No, but I heard Aldi or Lidl are considering a supermarket in Sandwick
  6. It’s a relief to see the Trump beaten. A man who empowered the wicked and witless to feel they could freely spew out racial and religious hatred, even here.
  7. Looks like he’s losing his free Get out of Jail card. Probably be on a flight to South America shortly
  8. I find American politics fascinating this time round. However I don’t have a vote so this propaganda is pretty pointless.
  9. ^that will make sense to the educated voters. All the world is trying to get away from dependency on fossil fuel.
  10. The students will come home at Christmas. Probably best if y’all self isolate until they go away again.
  11. One of the main problems with online sources, is that the algorithms tend to feed you the facts twisted to suit your agenda. I “liked” a post supporting our military and got inundated with right-wing propaganda, similarly if you like some left wing groups the same happens. Gives you the false impression that you are right and that most people agree with your beliefs. It gets to the point where any statistics you hear must be subject to a measure of doubt.
  12. As someone who is genetically Celtic with a touch of Norse, I could find the Anglo Saxon comment a touch racist. Perhaps with an attitude like that we’d better do independent, eh George!
  13. So far we have managed to assimilate immigrants quite successfully. Even the Scotties. People are really all the same everywhere. You find some eejits in every society. Sometimes you have to learn to give a little.
  14. There's obviously a reason they want to come here. Maybe they believe the crap fake news on social media as well. If there's one thing Trump has taught us, its easy to to fool people with catch-phrases, catchy videos, dodgy links and lies.
  15. So I guess what you are saying ^^ in the above, is that the local whites are lazy, awkward and demanding.
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