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  1. Surely, been getting cat litter delivered
  2. There seems to be a lack of Police presence in Da Toon about the nights. I suspect a lot of the cars would be illegal if stopped. Noisy exhausts, dodgy number plates and a fair bit of speeding. Not that I would like to see any speedtraps outside the town . Being in a position of some responsibilty I have tried to call the local constabulary, late at night, to ask them to intercede or even fly the flag, following complaints received and been unable to get a response by calling 101. I didn't feel 999 was a suitable option. I understand they have been having manpower issues and they may have more important things to see to.
  3. I thought that there were planning restrictions or bylaws against putting up random signage etc on the public highway. Other wise there would be people sticking up advertisements all over the place. During the second last Scottish election our parish took on the appearance of a one horse cowboy town.
  4. Are you a Tory, now, George? Using Britain and us in the same sentence! Must have had a change of heart.
  5. I know this will come out wrong, but despite my sympathy for women's rights, this feel like another incomer trying to tell the locals they are doing it all wrong. It makes you want to dig your heels in for another 20 years. And I am no really involved.
  6. Well said, Equalizer. dat encapsulates da spirit of UHA
  7. Well, as a Shetlander who has done Up Helly Aa for 53 years, I don’t think anyone outside the Up Helly Aa tribe should assume they can just walk in and change things. A lot of people have invested a great deal of time and money and would not like to hand over their baby to people who have not served their time. Would you be allowed to go to any other ethnic community, and say, you can’t do that. This is Shetland, the guizers are normal kindly people, not misogynistic monsters. If you want to change a culture, get on the next flight to Kabul.
  8. Der haes ta be a middle grund. Furyat da past and look ahead. Dey could just affirm dat dey er nae gender discrimantion, but laeve da squad system da wye it is. Dat wye you laeve da squads responsible for der ain members. Da likelihood o' a new squad bein admitted is no likely in da current levels. Whit goes an i da halls is doon tae da hosts. Wir hed fok greeting dey couldna win i wir squad becase wi tak in wir ain faimilies an freends! Dat's juist da wye o' it! I tink dat da jarls squads could start be takkin in der ain weemin and lasses, I lippen dat a lok o dem wish dey could. Lik a lok o idder places wi traditions you hae ta be axed in, you manna demand.
  9. I thought they were less, and mainly fae wan source? It is a toonie thing, and I think they should sort it oot among demsels. I feel that non-toonies interfering is just going to make them dig their heels in. If da Lerrick wemin want change da men'll no be able ta stop dem.
  10. So in the news now. Not enough drivers equals fuel shortages at the pumps. Supermarket shelves starting to get empty. 20.000 European lorry drivers had gone home. Not enough medical staff to catch up with a backlog of cancer patients. They have gone home to Europe as well. At least in Shetland the fuel is delivered by sea. But the price is going up. Its either Brexit and / or government incompetence. Shortage of gas , so price goes up, conveniently, at a time when PM promises to cut back on gas consumption. It looks to me like they are forcing fuel prices up to get us to use less. It seems hard times are coming ssoon.
  11. How many Gaelic speaking highlanders did you interview for this research?
  12. Geographically incorrect, if you’re talking about Scotland. Still part of the British Isles. If you are talking about Shetland, we might send the Scotties home i am sure that the SNP would not be happy with the comments you make, as you would give them a bad name, but then again you’ve probably gone to the dark side, Alba?
  13. Had a few pints in the House of Commons a few years ago. Cheapest pub in London by far
  14. This current election , just like the last one in 2016, has come to be all about independence. It is sidelining the important issues, such as Scotland's slipping education standards. Really the sooner we put independence to bed, one way or another, the better. Then perhaps we could elect a competent government. At least, with covid, there shouldn't be a flag-waving, chanting mob at my local poll station this time. There has been no daily visits from the campaigners, which has been wonderful.
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