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  1. Penfold loves a good auld gossip with a cup of tea and a scone.
  2. If Drogba never rolled about on the ground like he had been shot every 15 minutes then maybe there would have been less "injury time", there fore Barcelona would never had enough time to score. Drogba is the "f*****g disgrace" for diving, play acting and adding on 4 minutes of injury time.
  3. THE TRUTH ABOUT FORVIK We will prove here that the Forewick Holm (sadly known as Forvik Island since June 21st 2008) does not belong to Stuart Hill and can't be used by him to create laws, to sell it or to assume any local title or position. For seven years, this english citizen has illegaly established residency on Forewick - without paying anything to the real owners -, has begun to build accomodation, and, on June 18th 2008, he has made political declaration about the Forvik's past and future status. As real owners, we can't let Mr Hill use our property and provocate diplomatic crisis with the UK. All his historical explanations are false and dangerous, and we guess that he runs for money and he hopes a cheap glory (the Andy's 15 minutes, you know). That is why.
  4. Correction. Stuart Hill is WRONG and Shetland CAN'T be free.
  5. It's sickening when they go to the OLD FIRM then come back like Ian Murray and Riordan, half as good as they were! Could you imagine if Hearts held on to Webster, Hartley, Gordon, Elvis, Skacel, Berra, Velicka, Jankauskas and Bednar. You just have to accept that Hearts and Hibs are "feeder teams" to the old firm. That is why i HATE the S.P.L.
  6. These things happen in Sport to many GREAT teams. It took the Boston Red Sox 86 years to win the Baseball World Series until 2004. It's hard when you sell quality players like Kevin Thomson, Scott Brown, Gary O'conner, Gary Caldwell, Ian Murray, Dereck Riordan, Steven Whittaker. Then Steven Fletcher and Lewis Stevenson will be on the way in the summer.
  7. JAStewart do you have a life? 2607 posts suggests not. Do you you really expect anyone on Shetlink to be watching that pish at 1:37 am on Monday? Wrestling is not a sport anyway and you should post this on the "anything & everything else" thread!
  8. @Para Handy The idea of a Southmainland Up-Hely-Aa is amazing! We need enthusiastic people who are pro-active to get the ball rolling. The people in the South Mainland don't need negative or as EM rightly described you as "misery guts, scrooge and bah-humbug" types. If you are soo concerned then why comment on this thread? Why not, ya tube?
  9. Njugle, you really are a paragon of virtue. Cunningsburgh Alcoholics Anonymous seek revenge on the Cunningsburgh Christians during Soothend Up-Helly-Aa. http://i728.photobucket.com/albums/ww287/ALEXMAXIMUSGR8WHITE/wpn_kkk_070501_ms.jpg
  10. My vote is for JANET DUNNET as first female JARL. Please, can someone raise this point at the AGM.
  11. I have been away in the central belt for 5 years now. I miss Shetland still but it's Northlink and being scared of flying that stops me going back more often. I wish i could teleport myself to Shetland once a month. I miss the people more than the place itself.
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