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  1. Public anger at these remain MP's is now reaching boiling point come a general election many of them are going to be swept aside .
  2. http://www.charles-tait.co.uk/guide/orkguide/pages/udal_law.html?fbclid=IwAR0BrriGC2Qg4Ppb0_-VxsCJqI-lH29r_sZxjjts0u4ru7xRd6wB92KOTKE
  3. Why does Shetland not go for an Isle of Man tax haven situation . Presumably if a majority of the people of Shetland voted for this than this could be done . The GDP last year of the Isle of man was 7.10 USD Billion .
  4. Is there a figure for the tonnage of peat that will have to be removed ? What do they propose to do with all this peat ?
  5. Having just read the Times i was concerned at just how close to the burn of Dale the windmills are going to to built plus the large roads needed . I had assumed they would be erected on top of the hills but not in this case . The Dale burn is a very important spawning area for sea trout and some grilse .Now these developments as they are so close to the burn will see massive run off of highly acidic peat water and solids and perhaps even concrete water residue . This would kill the burn right down to the sea as far as trout and salmon goes and clog up the gravel beds where the fish spawn . The burn will be an unspeakable mess after heavy rain no one can deny that Sandwater and the burn of Strom and Kergord burn will be the same . I am surprised the local angling club did not raise this issue but i suppose they realise its a waste of time as they all get rubber stamped anyway . These windmills would be much better situated further south above quarf and cunninsburgh . where they would be well away from watercourses and be in a much higher elevation to benefit from any wind direction .Some of the turbines at Dale are in effect sheltered from east and west winds as they will be in the ''brow'' of the hill . Another thing the peat particularly at the top end of the burn in very very deep i think they will have to remove massive amounts of peat to hit bottom which is another argument for tops of hills where the vegetation is usually sparse .
  6. Good news for shetland .http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4349216/Britain-reclaim-waters-scrapping-1964-deal.html
  7. Faroe has a population of 50,000 the Isle of man is about the same size as Shetland but has 90,000 population . Jersey is about the size of Unst yet has a population of 100,000 , Shetland has a mere 23,000 why is that ?
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isle_of_Man_Government
  9. Going for a self governing crown dependancy like the Isle of man would be the best bet for Shetland . If they can do it why not us ?.
  10. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/nicola-sturgeon-scotland-independence-referendum_uk_58ce6bede4b00705db501dfa?utm_hp_ref=uk
  11. Gordon Brown seems to be advocating a third option of devo max .http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/gordon-brown-speech-third-option-scotland-brexit-nicola-sturgeon-independence-referendum-a7636431.html
  12. Are you under the impression you need a trade deal to trade? Does the EU have a trade deal with China or the US? There is nothing to stop Scotland trading with UK after independence. Equally there is nothing to stop Scotland trading with the EU after Brexit
  13. It seems Spain is not keen on Scotland becoming a member of the EU for some reason . http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/15154608.Independent_Scotland_would_be_at_back_of_EU_queue__says_Spain/?ref=mr&lp=5
  14. The SNP still can't even tell us what currency an independent Scotland would use .
  15. Well here we go again . Its started .
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