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  1. I think student discount is a travesty. I'm single mum of three, where's mine?
  2. Of course, we sell the best steak in Orcland no ,no no, you don't need to use the airport I own the backyard, land you there and so they landed in the steakhouse and on youtube simultaneously joost sayin
  3. It would cost nuffin fir dee tae SDFU! monsieur Burra Shop. So ban me, I overstepped the T&C's and remember to ban Mr Bigot ^ upstairs! (yet again)
  4. Where does RFC fit into your Utopian Shetland?
  5. If you feel the need to delete or edit your posts forthwith, maybe you should consider not posting, or at the very least, think before you post. Whit tink you borstal/unlinked dratsy/shagger?
  6. bit dee dinna du muckle fir da starlin' population
  7. tri·age (tr-äzh, träzh) n. 1. A process for sorting injured people into groups based on their need for or likely benefit from immediate medical treatment. Triage is used in hospital emergency rooms, on battlefields, and at disaster sites when limited medical resources must be allocated. Have we really descended so far?
  8. You'll find more info here: http://www.shetland.gov.uk/waste/WAA/Recycling.asp
  9. I don't have contact details , but I'm sure there's a place in Veensgarth next to the Herrislea called Valley Valeting.
  10. ^God I'm metamorphosing into shetlandpeat. waffle waffle waffle, need my bed.
  11. Qué? I refer you to: Or did you mean 'Leo Kessler paradigm'? D'ya dig?
  12. It's laek tryin tae git blood oot o a staen.
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