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  1. it seems kinda silly someone going around spraying dog faeces but there are owners who dont pick up as Ive spotted dog poo on pavements before and even had the misfortune of bringing some home on my shoes and no one wants to drag dog poo though there homes just because an owner cant be bothered to pick up there dog waste!
  2. More expensive than where, exactly? I would have thought that anywhere in Britian would be cheaper than here. Ive heard that people sell there houses in England and can easily buy a property here and have plenty of money left.
  3. Have you ever heard of freedom of speech.
  4. Just who would be paying for those big mobile homes that families of four could live in unlinkedstudent? And scorrie i didnt say the young couples trying for accommodation expect to get housed exactly where they choose. What Im saying is they arent being housed at all, even if they try to get housed in private accommodation they will find it difficult to get housed and will struggle with renting costs. As Im sure you are well aware Shetland is an expensive place to stay with all the greedy landlords filling their pockets with the profits of properties they rent out.
  5. That would be a good solution for young couples and single people but not use at all for families.
  6. Perhaps if the housing department spent more time checking out there applicants then maybe there would be more houses available as you wouldnt get people cheating the system and before anyone comments about facts I have seen for myself what goes on.
  7. They are like little Hitlers and come across as quite bullying to young vunerable people who apply for housing and look to the housing department for help and advice!
  8. I know your allowed to own a car what i was saying was you shouldnt be made to pick areas outwith your chosen areas just because you have a car and can drive.
  9. Its easy for folks to sit back in judgement of others.
  10. Im sure unlinkedstudent isnt sitting waiting for a council house and has different views from myself because he isnt keeping in touch with the young Shetland couples of today!
  11. I was using " closer to work" as an example, in reality though the working couples who want to set up home together have to rent privately or wait forever while the abusers jump the queue. Realistically getting a council house is near impossible and it's not surprising that theyre are so many young people suffering from depression and stress because it's appalling the way they are treated by the very people who should be helping them. They are not asking for a hand out they are simply looking to stand on their own two feet and make theyre own way in life.
  12. it seems a shame that the young working couples are the ones who suffer when all they are doing are trying to better themselves. Ok perhaps they should save until they get a morgage, wait until they are in their forties and then buy a house. Plenty of people in there forties still cant afford to buy a house, have you seen the prices of houses these days? Sometimes a council house is the only option left for young couples. The point I was trying to make was that I dont think couples who work should be treated unfairly also why should they be pushed into adding other areas of choice to their application simply because they can drive, when they want to be closer to there place of work. People do abuse the system and seem to jump to the top of the waiting list and next thing you know theyre sitting in a council house laughing.
  13. Not everyone can afford to take out a morgage and buy there own house even if they work long hours it doesnt necessarily mean they have the money to buy a house, they have no choice but to try and get a council house. Those couples who are staying with their parents but want to set up home together and start a family of there own or young couples who are expecting their first child but both stay with there own parents. Shouldnt the housing department be supporting these young Shetland families and housing them instead of housing the unemployed drug users who have no intention of working and would rather be living of benefits. Our young Shetland couples should be treated with a bit more respect by these people sitting in council offices holding the keys to property that they would rather see given to the layabouts and drug users and people who cant afford to pay there own way.
  14. If you are a young couple trying for a council house in Shetland god help you because it seems that the young employed and driving couples are the ones that fail to meet the needs of the housing department. They are the ones who are told to add more areas of choice to their application as they wont stand a chance of getting in the areas of there choice because wait for it........... they can drive. Why should they add more areas to there application if they dont want to stay in Mossbank or sandwick for example, it seems a shame that young couples who have never been unemployed and never taken drugs or been in trouble with the law should find themselves penalised by the Sic housing department because they can drive . So if you want to get a council house then my advice would be give up your job and car and Im sure you wont have too long to wait before you get to the top of the housing list!
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