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  1. Pretty sure there isn't much to be gained from dragging up old links to specific cases. Shetland is a small place and family members will probably end up seeing this, and I'm guessing they have already suffered more than enough pain and anguish as it is.
  2. A quick search of the phone number points to a company called Chartley Cars in England which appears to be owned by a Sole Trader operating out of a residential address in Staffordshire. Car Buying Advisor doesn't rate them too highly. https://www.carbuyingadvisor.co.uk/car-dealer-review/chartley-cars/0EBBB34C-139C-4079-96E3-0DDB12DC5B0D Personally I wouldn't buy anything from them, but its your money so you can take your own chances.
  3. Plusnet, although they have started charging me an extra £5 for 5gb if I go over my 60gb allowance even though it is meant to be an unlimited package. Still miles better than Talk Talk.
  4. Oops, just noticed a bit of a typo, the last sentence should read "......probably not the best idea they ever had"
  5. It is certainly a windy hol danight. Spiking aboot hols, I doot da guy dat wis inside da caravan when shu blew ower will need a new pair o drawers ta pit apo his hol, cis I wid tink he's scoodered da pair he had on.
  6. I see one of the caravans at Rova Head has been demolished by the wind, the body has been ripped clean off the chassis and has been reduced to splinters. Coming to Shetland in January in a flimsy caravan was probably the best idea they ever had.
  7. I seem to remember someone having an issue with not being able to create new adverts. It turned out that they had 100* old adverts in the system that had not been deleted and that was causing the code to prevent any new adverts being created. * - number plucked out of thin air as I can't recall the exact number off hand.
  8. Probably looking for the "Hide all posts by this person" button.
  9. ^ ha ha, here we go again. Can someone please block their IP address from making anymore new accounts
  10. The Police did regular checks on the cars at Lochside to make sure that they were all road legal, so you can be pretty sure that all of them were road legal. Its not our job to prove your statements wrong SP, it's your job to prove to us that what you are saying is true. Until you can do that, it would be better if you refrain from accusing people for leaving uninsured cars on the road.
  11. I'm not sure if you know what the word serious means SP, as half of your posts have got to be a wind up, as they make no sense at all. You clearly don't have a clue what you are going on about half the time. I can't make up my mind if you are a wind up merchant, constantly under the influence of drink/drugs or just a good old fashioned window licker.
  12. ^WTF are you on about SP, does that really make sense in your head.
  13. Tommy Sutherland from Gulberwick also does instrument repairs, don't have his number to hand though.
  14. Fine in Burra tonight. http://www.speedtest.net/result/2223679583.png
  15. I'm glad the seats will be considerably higher than the seat in front, as it will give me a better chance of seeing over the chip that some people seem to have on their shoulder.
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