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  1. As an SIC employee and a Royalist I feel very downhearted that my employer has been the only public authority in Britain NOT to mark this historic event, I felt discriminated against and disrespected as as an employee also that we were also disrespectining the monarchy !! On a monetary issue It is a proven fact that the return to the community will be 10 fold if there's a celebration!! .. speculate to accumlate!! As far as I'm aware there was nothing arranged in Lerwick by the SIC.. So with no effort they "allegedly" saved £10000 but neglected to see the bigger picture !! .. they could have boosted the local economy by 10x
  2. Nigel Bridgman-Elliot .. that photo is a bit scary as that is probably the exact position my car was in when the car (in the same position) in your picture pulled right out before me! thankfully I wasn't going the speed limit, and I have a little light car that can stop quickly, but it was really close!
  3. I had a VERY close call there today and it really shook me up! it is such a blackspot!! a friend suggested a roundabout would make it safer, what do you think?
  4. Hi, it's been a while . The town centre is suffering from high rates, impossible access (squared off speed bumps) & limited accessible free parking - this is killing off the local business's. Until these problems are addressed, folk will go elsewhere.
  5. That wouldn't worry me.. lol The "wet bit" of the building has never changed, surely it should be shrinking? So !! do I get a gold star for realizing that the whole thing was faulty? This will cost a fortune to sort oot! and should be the responsibility of the original contractor!! Sorry, quoted the wrong post, but it's about the state of the Red Cross Building! it looks terrible now as the wet patches have never dried out, and are now reacting with the stone underneath. Hopefully the contractors work came with a guarantee.
  6. That wouldn't worry me.. lol The "wet bit" of the building has never changed, surely it should be shrinking? So !! do I get a gold star for realizing that the whole thing was faulty? This will cost a fortune to sort oot! and should be the responsibility of the original contractor!!
  7. Just a thought .. I didn't notice the Northbound boat with luggage scanners, or did I miss it?
  8. No it was a Shetlander with an Islander card .. but does it matter? if a company doesn't want their staff to take alcohol onboard the boat then they should enforce it themselves, it shouldn't be Northlink discriminating against all their foot passengers.
  9. One of the people this has happened to had a cabin, but had a bottle of wine confiscated from their hand luggage at the scanner before they got onboard and returned in the morning. Of course you wouldn't drink your own alcohol in the bar areas! but in the cabin you've paid through the nose for it shouldn't be a problem. And why is it only foot passengers that are being targeted? if you come in by car you can take whatever you like onboard! even if you don't have a cabin.
  10. Sorry to change this subject ... But, when did Northlink start scanning foot passengers (not car drivers/passengers) luggage to check for alcohol? and if they find any, they confiscate it and only return it in the morning.. is this legal??
  11. I should maybe explain a bit better ... just after 10 pm last night on the boat southbound in really thick fog it suddenly lurched to the port side crashing all the glasses off the tables in the bar and going so far over it caused alarm to the passengers and crew even though the sea was flat calm!! half an hour later when the boat docked in Orkney (2230) it was explained to us that the boat had to take evasive action to avoid a ship that was anchored ??
  12. I'm not seeing this sorry .. We were coming fae the north last night...
  13. Is there any wye of seeing how close we came to hitting the "anchored" ship outside Kirkwall harbour last night? with the North boat, it certainly felt as if it was "evasive action" !!
  14. Personally, I really enjoyed it! in my opinion it was much better than the original one, and I didn't manage to guess who dun it! I also think we are very lucky to have the free advertising of our lovely Islands.
  15. 3 course meal at the Scalloway Hotel tonight .. couldn't fault it .. 1st class! .. wine was brill too lol
  16. I logged in at 10 am, after 1 "timeout" I got my tickets
  17. Passed the Ground Force guys at 8 o clock this morning and they were already working hard, saw them a few times after and to my untrained eye they look to have done an excellent job.
  18. As a pet owner I'd shopped there quite a few times, but unfortunately I have bought inferior products at inflated prices!! .. ie a cat basket/transporter that my cat escaped from!! I have found it is cheaper AND better value for money to go to the Scalloway Vets for whatever I need.
  19. Nicked from facebook .. People on this seem to have a very strange view of history. So here are a few little nuggets with how and more specifically WHY a lot of industries were destroyed by her, and what's more, ...destroyed with the MANDATE OF THE BRITISH PEOPLE. The seventies were blighted by the trade unions waiting for winter and then coming out on strike at it's heart. Holding the country to ransom for ANNUAL pay rises of up to 36% ABOVE inflation. This was the likes of Scargill and co. And they bled us dry. We were bankrupted by them. And then the Winter of Discontent happened. And they ALL came out. Miners, power workers, transport workers; even funeral directors, everything tied into the TGWU came out. My own grandparents lay on a slab for 2 months waiting to be buried. The entire country was a ruin. Rubbish not collected for months, rats everywhere. And the unions laughed, and brought down Callaghan's Labour Government. And Thatcher stood up at the General Election and made ONE SIMPLE PROMISE. Elect me. And THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. ELECT ME AND I WILL DESTROY THEM. She won a landslide. On that promise.And she became the last elected Prime Minister to actually hold true to her election promise. She did exactly what she said. She utterly destroyed the unions. Obliterated them. The cost was those industries. We knew that would be the price. But we would not allow them to hold us to ransom again. What she did, she did with our BLESSING. The socialists and people who backed those strikes have only themselves to blame for what happened. Baroness Thatcher didn't destroy those industries and communities for fun or as part of a class war. She did it to stop them holding the country to ransom again. And then she held the purse strings tight and re-built the economy and the country and Britain again stood tall and thrived. And we won back the global respect we had lost while the left wing ruled. In the Falklands we were thankful for her being in office. Those of us who went 'south' in '82 did so knowing we had a leader who would not - and did not- interfere. She sent the military and allowed us to do our job. Gave us the money, the equipment and most of all THE FREEDOM to get the job done. Our lands had been invaded. We had a gun up our nose. SHE led us. Frankly Thatcher took a very broken Britain by the hand like a strict old fashioned Matron and LED THE COUNTRY BACK TO WHERE IT HAD ONCE BEEN. We were the worlds 3rd major power in ALL respects. And as for the world, it has NEVER been safer than when Thatcher was in Downing Street, Reagan was in the White House and Gorbachev was in the Kremlin as the three spoke DAILY. They laid the ground for the fall of the Berlin Wall. The Russians were TERRIFIED of her. And the world again feared Britain. And lets not forget that she gave people the full right to buy their own council property. Her vision was that the TENNANT and the tennant alone could buy that property. As soon as her party stabbed her in the back the feeding frenzy began as under her the famous Tory grandee greed was held in check. So they stabbed her, led by the europro traitor ponce Heseltine - who didn't have the guts to face her openly and alone - they arranged her removal. And we have been a broken patsy for europe ever since. So yes, tonight I will celebrate the death of Baroness Thatcher, with thanks, with respect, and with sadness, because she allowed me to know what we could be, what we could achieve, what it meant to be BRITISH
  20. I thought it was excellent! I loved every minute of it! especially the "tongue in cheek" humour. Anybody who feels the need to nitpick needs to "get a life" !!
  21. ^^ I totally agree! She was a good manageress. That's whats needed.
  22. http://www.shetlandtimes.co.uk/2013/02/15/legion-committee-agrees-plan-to-attract-younger-clientele It's a really good venue for bands & functions. It has an excellent games room for darts, snooker and pool, and the lounge bar has a good atmosphere. What needs to be done to make it pay? Personally I feel it's been run BY the committee FOR the committee for far too long now .. I think they need to employ an experienced manager that is responsible for hiring and firing, and is on a bonus based on the % of the profit they make.
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