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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQ1IhZ-vDCY
  2. Wishful thinking I fear...but then we'd get a nice long set from them. I saw them at Big Day Out at the Green 2003, think it was 90 minutes or so they played for
  3. While Matt Cardle isn't to my taste, at the same time, having a known artist up here is a good thing. Yes, 45 minutes isn't a lot, but as said before: (a) He is a relatively new artist with less than a year's career under his belt. If he were to continue as he is now, and come up in a couple of years' time with a larger repertoire, he'd play longer. If it had been a bigger name artist who'd been on the go for years that only played 45 minutes, then you'd have grounds to complain. ( £20 might seem like a lot, but if you'd gone to see a similar gig on the mainland you would have had to fork out far more for flights / boat / bus / train and accommodation, and if indeed you were disappointed by the gig it would have felt like a much bigger waste. And I back the earlier point about getting the Foos up, I'd gladly fork out for that
  4. Even after a takeaway curry, 36 toilet rolls last longer than 45 mins.
  5. Personally I think if they're kept on a lead there shouldn't be a problem. I work on the Glasgow subway (yeah - fat lot of use my degree was!) and only guide dogs are permitted in the system. I've heard various reasons for this - the noise / shoogle might startle dogs, if more than one dog is in the same carriage they might fight, they might intimidate / set off an allergy in other passengers...et al. Buses and trains allow them as long as they're on a restraint of some sort.
  6. He hacked the Westboro Baptist Church? I hope that's not what they arrested him for; they deserve it!
  7. Has the speed of service improved with Flames at all? My sister went there before having to catch a boat south because she didn't want to try the boat food and ended up getting a refund because her meal wasn't ready in time. I know someone else who's had a similar problem. When I was home in March I ended up at the Scalloway Hotel two days in a row - it was PHENOMENAL. Food was pricey but really good value for money and the service was great too.
  8. Made me a bit homesick, I must say! Not been to the Folk Fest in five years Maybe next year!
  9. I know the World Cup was last month, but http://i461.photobucket.com/albums/qq340/wirhannah/vuvucon.jpg
  10. I'm becoming more aware of under 13s on Facebook and it really does worry me :/
  11. I loved the film, but I read Q&A the other week and they are so different! The worst bit is, my copy - acquired from Fopp Union St Glasgow a couple of years ago for probably about £3-£5 - is actually renamed 'Slumdog Millionaire'. Completely pointless in my opinion, given that the only thing the film and the novel mutually share is their structure. Also certain characters were written purely for the film. I'm reading 'Neverwhere' by Neil Gaiman right now. You should all check out Neil Gaiman. He's awesome.
  12. This is not the reason they have been losing money, they probably spend more keeping the leaking Anderson open when there really should be a new school. And dont tell me you've forgotten about the £200 odd million they spent to pay off Dave Clark. Scalloway is a perfectly affordable school, there is no evidence that shows otherwise. The sum they paid off Clark with was actually about £250,000, although still unjustifiable. Anyway... I don't think they should shut Scalloway's secondary dept while they're complaining that the AHS building is unsuitable for the amount of pupils currently there. If the new Anderson building had indeed materialised I might have been inclined to agree with Scalloway's closure, given that it'll only take ten minutes for the bairns to get in each morning. But if the current Anderson is unsuitable they can't really justify it.
  13. Leather Incense Fruit Spag bol Chinese / Indian takeaway Endpapers
  14. I watched the first two episodes (I believe it's been postponed for the time being due to one resident being in court just now) and I still don't really know how to feel about it. I can't help but shake my head at the behaviour of some residents. I don't think that particular scheme is much different to other schemes up and down the country. Some of my friends do think it's funny, and I suppose we're laughing at the mistakes and, in some instances, naivety of some of the residents. The trouble is, some could quite easily say that it's exploitative of the way they live, particularly as some are finding humour in it.
  15. Right - I'm aware of my significantly reduced presence on Shetlink in recent months (this has mainly been for academic reasons), and I'm sorry to be diving into this debate at such a late stage, but I just wanted to chip in here. I'm disgusted with the recent behaviour of the council and indeed Mr Clark in the past few months. He's done absolutely f**k-all of any use during his tenure in the job and he's just made the isles a laughing stock. Let's not forget that frankly embarrassing article in the Scottish Sun a few months back (although how it merited a two-page spread I'll never know - says more about them than him if you ask me). Yet despite all this, the council saw fit to pay him quarter of a million he did nothing to earn. Following that, we had a threat that music lessons in schools would now have to be paid for and that knitting teachers in schools are to be cut, and now we hear on BBC News that once again, school closures / mergers are on the cards for the umpteenth time. How can they possibly complain now that they need to make such cuts? It's ridiculous and shameful and they've brought the whole situation on themselves. Being the granddaughter of a retired knitting teacher, and counting some of Shetland's most prominent musicians amongst my immediate / distant family, I am disgusted with this. I just needed to get that off my chest - thanks for listening, Shetlink.
  16. Good to hear both Osla's and Frankie's have improved. I'll most likely be having something from the latter when I return in the summer and I might just try the former. Also, Harbour Chippy - is that the one that used to be Iain's? You can tell I've not been on the rock for about six months
  17. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1267136/Father-banned-driving-getting-wheel-toy-Barbie-car-drunk.html
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