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  1. The Shetland Space Centre is probably going to be built in Unst relatively soon and will hopefully operate for centuries, finding out a lot about the universe that we, and our planet, are in. There will possibly be a fair number of people employed there and if so, some other businesses will benefit from the new Space Centre. What does everybody think about this? Will it be good, bad or indifferent? Will it allow us to learn a whole lot more about both planet earth, the other planets around us and the other suns that exist?
  2. I received an threat by email today, it was horrid, especially when they use your name, it feels so personal - but of course it isn't, it's phishing. I stumbled upon a Tweet from Shetland Police after I had reported it: Shetland Police have received reports of sextortion type spam emails over the last week. Please read the attached link for advice. Download link HERE @ShetlandPolice Just to give you an idea, here's what they said. I've bleeped out the bad bits - anyway, it's around, so perhaps if you receive one, and you've read this, it might not be such a shock to cope with. ----------------------------------- Violet Wood <"yohfojsy@www.marinexpert.ru"@skm43.hostsila.org>Reply to: yohfojsy@www.marinexpert.ru Please take time to read this can be really meaningful info for u Just got couple of issues to resolve with you Avalina, won't take long, for u to go through and can certainly get your attention. How will u truly feel whenever all your loved ones or pals will witness u taking care of your own self? How will they truly feel is the proper question here. You see exactly where I am going with this one already? I have poisoned a number of adult internet sites with my malware that takes all data from the machine and gets an easy access to it's web cameras, and tons more. And so now i have a video clip of you w**king and a film you j**ked to, additionally all your personal contacts. This is ur work email, which Ive located on your computer btw. Ok last one, I've additionally modified the video to fit on one display screen, so it will be more relaxing to enjoy for everyone. Anyways- if u want me to remove all ur contact info with the video itself, this is my bitcoin wallet address - 1H9LMSPLj4cBWV52ghk81iXBbZF2W5Vw74 just make sure u will not copy no spaces or different symbols. U can easily get the details on the internet on how to use this payment method if you have no idea how its done. 600 is the total in Usd i require to leave you by yourself permanently. This mail has hidden tracking program within and i will know when you'll read it, and from that minute on, you'll be given five days, to make-up your mind. i guarantee that every single contact from your address book will see this video, if for whatever reason i won't receive my money. You are welcome to get in contact with your localized authorities or whoever, i really doubt that it can help.
  3. At last a chance for Shetland to become autonomous. There's hope yet. Self-determination motion to go before councillors
  4. http://myshetland.co.uk/here-we-go-2019/ And off we go again. 2019. Bring it on.
  5. I have just been quoted by a company that postage to Shetland of a bog-standard cardboard box (with animal vitamins in a 2kg tub) as being £10 non-signed for, Royal Mail. Apparently being in Shetland is more expensive. The old Highland & Islands adage. Is this true? Last month the company charged £3.95 for exactly the same item. I need evidence to show them that postage to the Highlands & Islands is exactly the same as it is considered part of the UK by Royal Mail and/or Parcelforce.
  6. Why do people only talk about Lerwick on this forum, what people do there or see there, what happened there last week or what they believe will happen there next week? Why, when only one third of the population of Shetland live in Lerwick and the other two thirds live across the rest of the isles? Do two thirds of the population just keep themselves to themselves, or is the only thing worth mentioning nowhere other than Lerwick, or are there a lot of people in Lerwick that like talking about themselves?
  7. When I published my Shetland debut novel 'The AdderStane' in 2017, I decided to put a copy of it in the Fetlar ferry terminal for folks to read while they waited for the ferry. At the front of the book I wrote a note, mentioning that the book should not be taken from the ferry terminal, and that if it was, a curse be on the person who stole it! (tongue in cheek of course). It sat there for months, (apparently it was taken and brought back three times) until one day I was told that the book had gone for good. Well, I figured it would eventually disappear! Oh well, I thought, I hope they enjoy it. A few months later, I received an email, a man told me he had picked up the book without reading my note inside, thinking it was a book someone had left, as travellers often do, and that he was happy to pay me for it (apologies etc). I received payment, and I thought that was the last I'd hear of him, as book reviews seem to be few and far between these days. Three more months passed, and then he emailed saying how much he enjoyed the book, (he had visited Fetlar in May 2018) and left me a stunning review. It also turned out he is an artistic director of a theatre, and reads many books, so I felt his review had some clout! Needless to say, I was right chuffed, and we now keep in touch. Read the review here.
  8. Hello, I am working on my masters project looking at intangible cultural heritage in Shetland. UNESCO define intangible cultural heritage as "the practices, representations, expressions, knowledge, skills – as well as the instruments, objects, artefacts and cultural spaces associated therewith – that communities, groups and, in some cases, individuals recognize as part of their cultural heritage. This intangible cultural heritage, transmitted from generation to generation, is constantly recreated by communities and groups in response to their environment, their interaction with nature and their history, and provides them with a sense of identity and continuity, thus promoting respect for cultural diversity and human creativity." Below are a list of areas that are included: oral traditions and expressions, including language as a vehicle of the intangible cultural heritage;performing arts;social practices, rituals and festive events;knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe;traditional craftsmanship So what things can you think of that would fall into the above categories? I want to try and make my project as wide ranging as possible to show what a rich and diverse place Shetland is!
  9. Are you an author who would like to read extracts of your own work to an audience? All you need is courage, and a PC or MAC. AltspaceVR have authorised me to mentor authors in using a new social media platform - this is a new frontier - and it crosses platforms of 2d and Virtual Reality. Message me if you want to know more. It's free to host events in AltspaceVR - this doesn't have to be book reading events - you can have private rooms there too, or host other events. David John Griffin will be giving a talk and readings from his three books: 'The Unusual Possession of Alastair Stubb', 'Infinite Rooms' and 'Two Dogs At The One Dog Inn And Other Stories' on May 10th - 8-9pm BST - so come along if you like live storytelling. Here's the link to his event - RSVP HERE I'm reading extracts from 'The AdderStane' on the 28th April 9-10pm BST. RSVP - HERE I'm hoping to bring a new author to the stage every month - so message me before all the time slots disappear. Here's my Facebook page that promotes authors as well as publishing my own work. HERE Take a sneak peek of my pre-event room - I made a quick 5 minute video to show folks what a room in AltspaceVR looks like and what is possible for this platform - HERE
  10. Come join me on AltspaceVR! A virtual reality social platform. On Tuesday February 27th, 8pm-8.40pm I will be reading extracts from my debut novel 'The AdderStane' - a spooky, supernatural tale. Half price ebook discount available on the night plus a virtual flight from Sumburgh Airport to the island of Fetlar - the home of 'The AdderStane'. You don't need to have a VR headset - you can access AltspaceVR from your mobile phone or computer. Visit the site HERE
  11. Our 'Shetters' news team talks to Fetlar crofters about their new Japanese robot dogs, soon to take over from the traditional working dog. Read the story HERE
  12. Hi Shetland folks and further afield. Just promoting my debut novel 'The AdderStane' - it's based on the island of Fetlar; a juicy tale of prophecy, gossip, mystery and time shifts ... 237 "Something is unearthed that should have stayed buried... When a retired schoolteacher visits the remote island of Fetlar in the Shetland Islands, she becomes obsessed with the story of a local man who went missing in 1965. While the island is plagued with strange events, she uncovers more than she bargained for. What is the true meaning of The AdderStane Prophecy? Who are the Papar, and why are they linked to Fetlar?" Amazon
  13. Do they check your luggage when you come on to head to your cabin? Thanks
  14. Hello! I'm going to be in Lerwick next week and I'm looking for people to help me out with a bit of storytelling for my Master's research paper on traditional stories, ghost stories, trow (broonie) stories, or any kind of story in Shetland. Please contact me if you're interested. I'm in Shetland from the 14th to the 20th. Every story will be recorded, so you'll need to sign a permission form, as the University of Aberdeen requires them for any research participant. You may contact me for anything. Questions, comments, ect. All ages are welcomed. Thanks! Jen A bit about my research. I am currently looking into the Trow on Christmas on Yell. I'm researching the style of story it has become, what is predicted to become and Shetland Oral traditions. So far my research has presented the Trow in the Shetland tradition to be of multiple identities, hailing from four main parts of the world. The one in Yell seems to date back to a draug or drow from Norway. The Trow comes from Orkney and Scottish traditions, which in turn is part of the larger motif of the British Trow. Over the years, the story has changed very little, until the emergence of the Modern age, where the story starts to shift from Trow belief to the modern understanding of Ghost belief. The word ghost was once a blanketing term used for the Fairy Folk, to which the Trow belonged to. Over the years, ghost and fairy became separate, strongly influenced by the outsider (Those not in Shetland). I found the Trow is now a ghost, slowly losing the fairy connection. This is a rather exciting time to see a story in such a transition as this. My research is connecting the dots to what this story was, to what it became, to what it is now in the current modern age. Local insight is rather key, as I want to present this from more of the Shetland view and understanding of this story.
  15. Whether you wanted to remain in the EU or Leave it things have been set into motion which cannot be stopped. The one thing that has happened that was always going to happen was another call for an independence referendum. We as Shetlanders regardless of our political opinion have a duty to use this current situation to help our economy,people&position. The Scottish parliament are threatening to leave the uk to remain in the EU....i've only heard people complain at the reduction in support for the isles since the Snp became stronger around Scotland in both Westminster and Holyrood so i don't see lots of support for them from the majority of shetlanders and i suppose the vote count between Mr Skene and Mr Scott showed that. The positions we have to look at is that Scotland is looking to go on its own and uses the line that because they own alot of oil (alot of which is situated in and off of Shetland) that Scotland could do very well for itself out of the uk the other is that the Westminster Government want to calm everything down to bring stability to the markets while there is economic uncertainty. We have the biggest trump card and Shetland actually is in such a strong position! yet i haven't heard anything from the council or from anyone in positions of authority here. As an island we can tell the Scottish parliament that we won't support there bid to remain and we will take independence from scotland and take the oil with us unless they offer us a higher long term budget increase for the isles. The other option could be that we go to the Westminster parliament and tell them that we will pull the plug by joining the UK as Scotland leaves and we will bring the oil with us if there's no will from Shetlanders to stay part of Scotland. Only other option is that we go it alone cut a deal for a portion of the oil/gas or take it all to support ourselves. This is just my idea i understand other people have better ones and others are more aware of the possibilities however all this post is is a hope that others will start to discuss this so that we can do something for our islands to win more for the people of Shetland while all other parts of the UK are discussing their possibilities lets do the same!!! Hope to hear your opinions and your ideas.
  16. Does anyone else read the stories of Promote Shetland and feel as though it is a poorly backed venture? Here's my quick take on it's three key area's. 1) Live in Shetland: I love my Island home, but lets see a few broader issues here. Where are people to live? There is a huge lack of rented accommodation here and a lot of the stock is way over priced, Although the prices may come down with the gas plant completion. Most people who would want to live here would nearly always want to rent until certain of stopping here. However those that want or can buy, then a lot of houses are now more expensive than those south, where you get cheaper shopping, fuels, electricity, choice etc, etc 2) Work: On the whole work is the only item of Promote Shetlands agenda that is reasonable, but if your needing people from outside of Shetland to help fill job's then it is useless without the cost of housing and the cost of travel coming down. 3) Travel and tourism. Two in the same really. The cost of getting on and off Shetland is ludicrous. I've had family have a two week package holiday in Portugal for the cost of return flights only to Shetland!!! The cost of getting here is also the main reason for people not to come here, trust me I've asked. But what happens to tourist's when they get here, to answer that here's a direct quote from a relative "...however we won't be coming back, never paid so much for petrol, airfares, accommodation, food, everything. How do you afford to live there Bro?" Without better infrastructure and investment into living and visiting in the Isles Promote Shetland seem's like the biggest waste of money since Olaf the Stupid ordered 500 Longboats with holes in the hull to reduce weight!
  17. Hi, I've managed to start a debate in my office by stating that there are more trees in Shetland than people. (I'm sure I've been told this before... and no, i'm not confused with the saying "more sheep than people". I'm very aware that Shetland is more known for it's lack of trees.. however I think there are a lot more than we give credit too! Scatsta, Voxter, Brae, Voe, Kergord, Nesting, Girlsta, Tingwall and Lerwick all have a large number of trees. Can anybody back this up, or am I wrong!? (Note - next time you're driving anywhere keep your eyes open for trees, there are far more than we let our selves think!!!!)
  18. You may recall the filming that took place in Shetland this summer for the American tv series The Amazing Race. The show aired last night and some clips are available on you tube. This lot can't find Scalloway. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTWlzP9sDEk
  19. Trying to decide on the best internet service provider to go for, so need a bit of help. Who is your provider? And how would you rate the internet service?
  20. FORMER Shetland Islands Council chief executive Alistair Buchan has been awarded a CBE in the Queen’s birthday honours list for 2014. http://www.shetnews.co.uk/newsbites/8703-cbe-for-buchan
  21. 4533

    SHETFEST 2014

    Shetfest is a one day, not-for-profit all-ages music festival held in Lerwick, Shetland. Shetfest aims to bring the best up and coming, unsigned, and alternative music talent to the Shetland Islands. We aim to do this whilst keeping ticket prices in line with or cheaper than similar events on the mainland. Shetfest 2014 will be the second edition of the festival, following the success of Shetfest 2013, which saw prominent bands on the Scottish alternative scene such as PAWS, The Murderburgers, Halfrican and The Fire & I. This years lineup includes visiting acts Pinact, Chris Devotion & The Expectations, Deathcats, Billy Liar, Algernon Doll, Poor Things, Black International, Kill Surrrf, The Walking Targets, Maxwells Dead and Black Cop, aswell as local favourites Frankeneinstein and Brundlehorse. Shetfest 2014 will also play host to the debut live set of local hip-hop artist Audiopium. This year Shetfest will be held on Saturday the 5th of July, at the The Lerwick Legion. This is an all ages event. Contact: shetfest2014@gmail.com Tickets and more information of Shetfest 2014 can be found on our website www.shetfest.co.uk
  22. I came across this item by a Norwegian tv reporter. http://www.nrk.no/verden/generasjonene-splittet-i-valget-1.11711890 The article is is basically what is in the film. This is a rough translation. Shetland generations split in elections on an independent Scotland Lerwick, Shetland's (NRK ) : They lack nothing. Still want the youngest to do to the Scots, against the will of many of the elderly . There are those who will say that Shetlanders are not missing anything, other than a more hospitable place to stay. Still many of the youngest island community wantchanges. - Independence Scotland will benefit in many ways, says Gaelan Miller. Norwegian meets him in the tv room home in family house situated northeast of thelargest of the Shetland Islands , Mainland. A classic low brick houses, which may withstand the wind rarely take the totally free here. GEALAN Miller is the first time voter. All Scottish 16 and 17 year olds have got to vote in the referendum on Scotland's future. He is really for secession . The islands that once were Norwegian , and has a shorter shower to Bergen than any other real village will like the rest of the Scottish region deciding to whether the future will be Scots or Brits. September 18 , all who currently have an address in the Scottish region cast a "yes" or "no" to a question about Scotland should be an independent country . For the first time in history should 16 and 17 year olds be allowed to vote. GEALAN takes it very seriously. He is one of a total of 50 Scots aged 16-17 years as the British broadcaster BBC has compiled a project called " Generation 2014 ". BBC follow all the youngsters in the last year until the actual vote. At first I was a no- man, but then I put myself into things , and now I know that Scotland should be a separate country Gaelan Miller, first voter Will keep oil money He wants a change , even though he lives in the place in the Scottish region , and in the UK by the way , where most are changing . The crime rate is low. Top stories in thenews over the two days NRK on the islands , is about a burglary in a fish'n'chips Shop . There is hardly unemployment, it is around 1 percent. The only way to be unemployed here , is to go hard into it , according to the resident . The economy is flourishing , thanks to the oil industry , and oil and gas facilities on the northwest side of the Mainland. They even have a special kind of oil fund , amounting to nearly 2.2 billion , which is used for everything from cultural festivals to bus service for the elderly. But GEALAN and many young people want a change. - We lose all the support we get from Westminster ( the UK government ) , but then we also keep all the oil money here . And they we need a number of things , such as health care, child and so on . Shetland has served well in the oil for many years, and we still do. Not least because of all the oil workers who leave some money here, says the young voter . From Great Britain to Little Britain ? The once great British Empire has steadily shrunk over the last 62 years , and soon it may shrink another notch if the split will happen. The Scottish self- government gave the youngest voting in the hope of gaining impetus to just that. Polls suggest that Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond and his Scottish Nationalist party did not quite get the stimulus they had hoped for from the young people on the mainland. But at 60 degrees north of the Shetland Islands are the hunger for great change in many young people. The capital Lerwick in Shetland - Capital Lerwick in Shetland is closer to Bergen than any other real village. Now, residents here and in the rest of the island community decide if they want to be governed from London or Edinburgh in the years ahead. Shetland belongs to the Scottish region of the UK. They have been British country for over 300 years and before that was the Scottish 200 years. Before it was again the part of Norway . But now it's about the future. If it is to be Scottish or British. There is to date not been a single poll only in Shetland. The population of just over 22,000 makes it difficult to select a representative sample. But we notice quickly that the island community appears to be divided on the question of secession or not for Scotland. To check out what young people think , we travel to Shetland College , located just outside the center of Lerwick , the capital of the Shetland Islands. They learn everything from crafts to IT and business. At 12.15am the lunchtime and young people flock to the canteen where a large portion of chips collected from the kitchen to the hungry students. At a table sit three female students. All three agree that they lean towards a "yes" in the referendum in the autumn. They are in no way cocksure , but believe more in a future Scots, than as Britons . None of them see themselves as Britons today either . - Almost all young people I have talked to all friends, they lean towards "yes" . But many have not decided yet , says Helen Laurensen . We are a rich country. We live in a very unique part of the country, with oil and everything. We can specialize more , meeting the needs of a small country in a better way , says Rhea Key . She never thought she defines itself as the most shetlender , Scot or Briton , but falls down on that she probably is most Scot. Holly Leask looks thoughtfully at the ceiling as she answers. - I think that Scotland is they who will have the best intentions for us , she says. Fearing higher taxes But what about the parents and grandparents generation ? In a combined candy and sandwich shop, we meet Kay Mouat . She stands and butters a bunch of sandwiches before lunch rush . She is quick to tell you that she has relatives in Kristiansand, before she was more than happy to answer questions about Scottish secession. - Oh no , not Scotland , she says , shaking her head. I think we should remain in the UK. Not I want to lose the pound either, and to the euro instead , says Mouat . Julie Mackie - I 'm British , says Julie Mackie who run Bed & Breakfast in Shetland. Although London is 1000 mil away , she prefers to be controlled from there. Just south of the capital , we meet Julie Mackie . She runs a Bed & Breakfast with her husband Gordon. She has not a moment believe any secession from the rest of the UK.- We are definitely best together , we can make a good country better. Detaching ourselves , everything is just more expensive. The taxes increase, much of what we earn on oil up here would have ended up in central Scotland . Among all my friends will be absolutely clear no - votes , she states . But she is excited about youth. On how they will vote . - They are enthusiastic enough , and their presence in Scottish politics has undoubtedly been confirmed. But personally I think it's very young to vote when you are 16 -17 years, she says. To answer all adults shetlanders we meet that day. And scoffs independence fervor down in Edinburgh. Suspicion of Scotland To understand more of how shetlanders think, we have agreed to meet Hans J. Marter . He runs the newspaper Shetland News along with a companion and moved here from Germany 20 years ago . NRK employees are told that the newspaper is located just outside the city . " A little out of town " turns out to be a nearly 45 -minute drive northwest of Lerwick. The moment we seem to run out of the way , we glimpse a low brick houses in the fog. It's Shetland News, which is also home to Hans J. Marter . The Newspaper office is 6 square meters, within the kitchen . - But what is it to have a huge office when you are doing online newspaper ? he asks. Also Marter think the majority of shetlanders will be in the UK. He believes they have very little faith in being helskotske again, and justifies it with historical circumstances. - Shetlanders are very skeptical and suspicious of Scotland. There is not much more than 500 years ago they were Scottish , and it's rather short in their scale. Becoming part of Scotland again, be seen as very negative, they were ruled harshly by Scottish landowners who took over the place up here. They find it easier to rely on London than Edinburgh , he said. - What are the youth? - Young people are important . To begin with, I do not think they fully understood what they were going to use this new right to, but now they have to decide . I think they consistently to say yes to independence. The elderly are going to stick to the status quo, says the editor . Hans J. Marter - Shetlanders have a deep distrust of Scotland , says Hans J. Marter ,who runs the newspaper Shetland News. He believes , however, that the youth of the island community will vote for secession from the United Kingdom . - Voices on the left , but getting government from the right Although it might seem a hopeless to campaign for secession from these statements ,working Brian Nugent eager for just collecting yes votes in Shetland. He leads the " Yes Shetland ", and in particular the belief the youngest voters. He sees himself as Scottish , not British , and are tired of being ruled from London. - We are a different country politically . England and Wales tend to vote for parties on the right , while we vote on the left . Yet we end up with a Conservative government . The vote is about to do something about that problem , he said. Right side is very unpopular in Scotland. Of the 59 Scottish seats in the British Parliament , belonging currently one seat conservatives , while the British Labour Party , Labour has 41 seats. Scottish National Party , which also belongs to the left side has six representatives , and the Liberal Democrats , which corresponds Norwegian Liberal Party has 11 seats. But Shetland is not like the rest of Scotland. The votes are not left or right. Island communities only parliamentary seat has in fact belonged to the Liberal , and later Liberal Democrats continuously since 1950. Since 2001 the islands have been represented by Alistair Carmichael, who is now also the British government's own Scotland minister. Similar to both the party and the government, he fights for Scotland to remain British. So yes - champion Nugent has a big task ahead of him if he should repent shetlenderne , but it is becoming voices for all the Scottish region that is crucial. - No side has an edge at the moment , but the gap is becoming smaller as we approach ,and hopefully when we get to September 18th we passed , he said. Brian Nugent is also an optimist when it comes to young people. - We give younger people than usual opportunity to involve themselves in politics. It is up to them whether they use the opportunity. 16 -year-olds can marry, can enlist in defense , why should they not have a vote . I hope they come down on the yes side , he said. A split Scotland Such polls are today, just over half of Scots vote no to independence and the right of 40 percent would vote for . The rest have not decided . Over the past months, thus the gap between the yes and neisiden be even less. In this case, there is a split Scotland goes to the polls , and Scotland as either being a separate country , or remain British would more or less be split down the middle . Back in the living room with Geale Miller creates the idea of ​​a future split Scotland it to stop up a bit. - I do not know how to handle such issues. You 're right, it will be a divided country if it becomes clogged. I do not know what will happen. But whatever the outcome of the vote so still need a job , and you do family. So you must be sure to make the correct choice , but one must also keep the ties whatever happens , he says .
  23. Local Shetland band QUANTANA are trying to get your local support by asking you to vote for them to play at the download festival in June. All you need to do is click on the link and click vote. Please tell all your friends and family. It only takes a few seconds to do. In the past few days they have made it to number 4!! An incredible feat in its own.. But more votes are needed.. You can vote once every 24hrs To all that support Shetlands community and want to see this band do good, thank you http://download.redbullstudios.com/band-2014/quantana/
  24. Hello! My name is Jack Malcolmson, I am a sixth form student currently studying in Gloucester - however I am Shetland born and bred. I need your help! As part of my studies I have to undertake an independent project on a topic of my choice. I have chosen to answer the question: Has the upstream oil & gas sector had a negative effect on the culture, economy and environment of Shetland? In order to successfully answer the question I need to undertake primary research in order to gather public opinion on how the industry has impacted on individual lives and on society as a whole. By undertaking in this short anonymous survey you will help build an understanding of how, 40 years later, the oil has effected the traditional way of life - if it has at all. I would be most grateful if you could fill in the survey, it should only take 5-10 minutes. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1mvLVVMs4w1HirLQEQs8Q36p8n9H26KEbCG0SUwPxms8/viewform If you have any questions about my project, then you can find my email address at the top of the survey Thank You! Jack
  25. I seem to recall reading somewhere in the past that weddings were traditionally held in the winter months here in Shetland. Is this true or have I completely made this up? I tried checking Shetlopedia but it seems to be down.
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