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Found 1 result

  1. COUNCIL leaders in Shetland have welcomed an out of court settlement with Sumburgh airport operator HIAL which will see the local authority pay a reported £5.5 million to the government-owned company. Can anyone advice who is responsible for this action at time who decided work program way project was done,? its ok Sic using public funds Give 5.5m away this great sum when it could be used in other area Sic members must be responsible to people why this happened explain reasons not just push under carpet dust, if no one takes responsibility in counsel why they are there in first place second why they can give this for sum burgh when they own a better airport scasta were by 5.5m could have extended runway for larger aircraft were by people in Shetland could get really low cost airline services to mainland, and by way low cost airlines don’t receive Financial help on Air service this would save a lot expenses to state in subsidizing air links to Shetlands and Orkney Sum burgh what happened still large terminal building and is getting redeveloped but runways still small its limited to extend why waist monies in this case there. It better to put in new airport or extend their own scasta airports better usage for Boeing Airbus It’s very sad this happening Sic do some wonderful things but do make large blunders as well this one in sumburgh case as usually contractors have Insurance cover to repair problems if faults at their cost. Not from Shetland people monies. It’s very easy agree the sum but if was private funds out SIC member pockets different story again no responsibility any one takes end day it’s very sad, if Shetland requires private Investors who would look at projects to invest in and counsel must start look into this for housing airports tunnels all not stop progress if they dont have there own funding Housing if Sic give developers land even 99 year lease open the door they would come build 100s new homes for people at their own expenses to sell on market. If local authority’s need low cost home could lease low cost gives to people on rent, without spending Large amounts monies build new homes across shetland develope outer regions and leaders could see real progress in regions
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