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Found 1 result

  1. I have been driving up and down to lerwick several times over the last few months and the standard of driving is unbelievable how someone has not been killed is amazing .You get Idiots driving right up behind you on full beam usally a white pick up heading north going flat out trying to get to work probaly working on the new gas plant and before someone says otherwise the names of the company's are all over the vehicles so i know who they are working for .I have tried to phone them to complian they said i had to give them number of the pick up not easy when they are so close to you that you can't see the number plate .Also over the last few days we have had some snow so why do so many people seem to be driving with fog lights on or even worse one head light . Then you get the idiot's who think they are racing drivers and think they can overtake on blind corners i have had two near misses one of them was very near the only reason i diden't get the guys number was because i was trying to avoid a head on crash with him i had two wheels of the road .My biggest fear is someone is going to be killed before anything is done about it the idiot's that cause the crash usally get away with it without a scratch while someone minding there own business dies.
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