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Found 1 result

  1. I received an threat by email today, it was horrid, especially when they use your name, it feels so personal - but of course it isn't, it's phishing. I stumbled upon a Tweet from Shetland Police after I had reported it: Shetland Police have received reports of sextortion type spam emails over the last week. Please read the attached link for advice. Download link HERE @ShetlandPolice Just to give you an idea, here's what they said. I've bleeped out the bad bits - anyway, it's around, so perhaps if you receive one, and you've read this, it might not be such a shock to cope with. ----------------------------------- Violet Wood <"yohfojsy@www.marinexpert.ru"@skm43.hostsila.org>Reply to: yohfojsy@www.marinexpert.ru Please take time to read this can be really meaningful info for u Just got couple of issues to resolve with you Avalina, won't take long, for u to go through and can certainly get your attention. How will u truly feel whenever all your loved ones or pals will witness u taking care of your own self? How will they truly feel is the proper question here. You see exactly where I am going with this one already? I have poisoned a number of adult internet sites with my malware that takes all data from the machine and gets an easy access to it's web cameras, and tons more. And so now i have a video clip of you w**king and a film you j**ked to, additionally all your personal contacts. This is ur work email, which Ive located on your computer btw. Ok last one, I've additionally modified the video to fit on one display screen, so it will be more relaxing to enjoy for everyone. Anyways- if u want me to remove all ur contact info with the video itself, this is my bitcoin wallet address - 1H9LMSPLj4cBWV52ghk81iXBbZF2W5Vw74 just make sure u will not copy no spaces or different symbols. U can easily get the details on the internet on how to use this payment method if you have no idea how its done. 600 is the total in Usd i require to leave you by yourself permanently. This mail has hidden tracking program within and i will know when you'll read it, and from that minute on, you'll be given five days, to make-up your mind. i guarantee that every single contact from your address book will see this video, if for whatever reason i won't receive my money. You are welcome to get in contact with your localized authorities or whoever, i really doubt that it can help.
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