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Found 11 results

  1. I am by nature a worrier but this evening I will be a hundred times worse. My daughter is flying home from Edinburgh to Sumburgh in a very nasty South-Westerly gale. With Loganair/Flybe's appalling record of technical faults, delay resulting in a letter from the pilot's union "Balpa last month wrote to Loganair about the worrying condition of the planes, and there have been many technical problems resulting in delays – one in four flights in recent weeks has been 15 minutes or more late." (Shetland Times) I don't care if they are late or early (much) but I do care about flight safety and tonight is going to be horrid weather. I have this nagging fear that it will take something catastrophic to stop Flybe/Loganair from continuing to brush their safety and reliability problems under the carpet, which is very much what I feel they are doing at the moment. So my day will be spent worrying. I will drive very slowly and carefully down to the airport and then pray to all the gods that I see my beautiful daughter walk down that corridor towards me (and perhaps even her baggage). Home for Christmas. I have absolutely no faith in Flybe/Loganair at all. I pray it doesn't take something awful for something to be done and tonight is not a night to be flying around in a unreliable plane. And yes, I know the pilots dont take off if they think for one minute things are not 100%.
  2. I haven't flown in a while but I am due to go south (2 flights down to get to London) for a few days. Travel insurance - bearing in mind Flybe's abominable recent record and the brand being renamed "FlyMaybe", would you recommend taking travel insurance out for a single small little trip? On the way down, I have left a gap of 4 hours at a Scottish airport (yawn) so the Sumburgh trip can be postponed, run late, whatever but at least hopefully get there eventually on that day. On the way up, it doesn't matter as much. I bought the flights through BA(ADS) so wonder if, say, the fog came down and everything stopped for the day, I would not get south for what I wanted, ie there would be no point in me being there. Would BA refund or would this be a time for travel insurance to kick in? Thanks Sorry for being so evasive but I don't want to give my life details away for obvious reasons.
  3. Hi all I was thinking of registering for this - http://www.flybe.com/card/ Does anyone have any experience, good or bad, of the Flybe Credit Card?
  4. Has anyone had any experience of taking a zimmer frame on Flybe? I would be in a wheelchair but my zimmer frame is a useful piece of kit as I can't master crutches (non weight bearing with spinal injury too). Any thoughts appreciated.
  5. Are there any air travel options for bringing dogs to the islands from the UK mainland ?
  6. Does Anyone know when the next loginair sales usually takes place? Do hey usually happen twice a year?
  7. Am I the only person who is having problems with Flybe's seat sale? Yesterday when I went on the website I could only get up February 2013, thought it might be a glitch, so left it. Went back on today, still the same. Maybe it is me or my pc, but it is really frustrating. Any ideas?
  8. I go to the ADS page. I put in my number. I put in where I want to go (London Gatwick and back in May) and it says there are no flights. It offers me London Gatwick as an option on the ADS page. Anyone know what is happening? Can you only book the ADS bit to Scotland and then have to go to the Flybe un-ADS page to book the other part of the journey? It never used to do this. This is very complicated.
  9. http://www.youngscot.org/offers/31-loganairflybe-student-airfares Anyone know if you can combine these with an ADS card? As we have no travel agent here, is this something others have? (any method of cheaper flights for Shetland students please!) Cheers Frances
  10. How do you get to Shetland if you have no photo ID? My brother who has been here four times before, would like to visit later this month from England but he neither has an up to date passport nor a driving license, or any other form of photo ID. This is a pet peeve of mine (the fact that I cant travel within my own country without photo ID) Any advice appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Why are flybe fights out of shetland so damn expensive at last minute.. I am trying to get away tomorrow morning and i'm being quoted £374 return (aberdeen).. Yet if i was to book 4 months in advance its £139.. Surely flybe are taking the p i s s with the prices.
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