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Found 4 results

  1. So, I've just returned to the isles after a month or so away and, frankly, I'm somewhat perturbed by the massive accommodation barge that has appeared in my absence! I'm told it will remain docked at the pier in the center of Lerwick for the next few years. No doubt this caused considerable controversy while I was away, but I haven't noticed any mention of it on this particular forum... Ironically it's parked opposite the Thule, which I recall had some hassle regarding it's luminous 'T' sign contravening council regulations which, presumably, were put in place to curtail any developments that were seen as being somehow not aesthetically pleasing. So, any thoughts? I assume there's nothing we can actually do about it, but I for one think it's a pretty crappy state of affairs when a company can just turn up and plonk an eyesore in front of one of the most picturesque harbors in Scotland and nobody seems to give a damn. No doubt some emotionally detached keyboard warriors will disagree. As a resident of Lerwick, however, I think it's a real shame.
  2. Hi all.... Can anyone please tell me how to find out about labouring and or construction work at the new gas plant or at the oil terminal? I have been searching online but am not having much luck getting what I need so far. Cheers
  3. So it reached the front page of the times and now there is a facebook page dedicated to it, with two barges now here and the number of workers starting to increase are we set for a troublesome few years in our pubs at the weekend ? Is enough getting done about this problem by the companies employing the workers ? Should it not be the case that they are here to work, not booze in the local pubs and cause trouble, i thought they were working seven days a week ?
  4. Has anyone been along the the Sullom Voe site road today. We have roadworks making the road single track. Heavy haulage lorries taking loads from the construction pier to the site. If this is the way they treat the locals at the construction phase god help us all when it's operational!!!
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