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Found 2 results

  1. I have just been reading about the greenpeace campaingers placing themselves in front of fishing vessels and between pair trawlers, was wondering what everyones views are on this - its there idea that by doing this kind of stunts that fishermen are going too stop fishing cod in the north sea! In my opionin this is one of the stupidiest things i have heard for a long time! these guys want too be taken seriously!! please get a grip!! For me this kind of stunt is just like walking out in front of cars too demonstrate that ppl should be driving less!! it has just infurated me because as if said before here i work at sea onbord ships mainly in the north sea and of course i understand the danger these protesters are putting not only themselves but also fishing boat crew and anyone who is going too have too rescue one of the fools when they get into difficulty!! does anyone think they will get anywhere with this?? or iam i being too sensitive? with the recent Bourbon Dolphin disaster showing how quickly a bad situation can turn into a serious disaster!! Iam not whooly against saving the fish stocks of the north sea however i do belive that the fishermen also understand that if they did keep fishing then there will be nothing for other generations of which there are normally a few esp in the shetland boats and with there regulations regarding days at sea in force i think most boats are sticking too the law.
  2. (** mod edit - updated thread title **) whits dis lot goin ta get upta do u tink?
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