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Found 7 results

  1. Long standing gripe of mine and still not found the answer. Our dimplex heaters (and hot water) are the hostages to the Hydro and when they want to send power to them. Surely if they are at capacity of stored heat the heater should "refuse" any additional power input that the hydro deem needed to be supplied. Power is fed to them at weird times and I'm never convinced its always needed. I've taken now to only having the water heater on between 05.45 and 07.00 and turning it off to stop it taking in power. To do similar with the dimplex heaters may be counter productive but surely there must be a way to better control the intake. A latest bill of £811 has me considering having meters changed, heater efficiency checked and changing providers. But first, I want to understand the supply of power and how I can manage it without allowing the hydro a license to determine how much my bill will be.
  2. Hello. As my house has underfloor electric heating which does not work if there is a power cut I am considering some type of gas heater so I would be grateful for any advice/information as regards running costs type of gas etc. I did consider wood burning but as you need installation and also the cleaning and getting wood this option does not seem the best.
  3. We're house has been brally cauld this winter, an da bills are astronomical! Thinking of changing wir heating system. On da storage heaters at the moment, but they're ancient and needing to be replaced. I've been thinking aboot oil, but I hear getting the heaters and pipes in would be costly. Some folk are even talking aboot gas, bu that's the same issue really, although I hear it's cheaper for gas than oil? A hear a lot of folk have gone for this "air to air" set up, but my worry is the great white refrigeration-type units sitting outside the hoose - how many shetland winters can they survive without failing? Any thoughts experiences welcomed!
  4. Hello, I would be interested in hearing opinions and experiences of people who have changed suppliers. I have two meters. I am looking for the best way to get cheaper electricity. Thank you.
  5. Does anyone know what times the night-time, cheaper electricity supply, comes on each day ? We have a problem in that the electricity feeding only our night-time storage heaters and hot water, has recorded about two and a half times more electricity, per an actual meter reading, in this past year than in the previous 3 years which were approximately the same. We are going to have the meter checked, as this is plainly wrong and has led to a huge bill, but I was wondering what times the cheaper rate is supplied. The meter we have, recording this supply, is obviously faulty hence it will be checked. Thanks
  6. Does anyone have experience in heating 1950s concrete Mass building and could recommend best type of heating for this type of building? I need to update heating as have old style storage heaters costing me a fortune!!
  7. I just wondered if anybody has installed either a Biomass boiler or stove or an Ecocent hot water cylinder in their house and how have you found it?
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