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Found 4 results

  1. The planned net wash plant at Toft has been torn apart by the council's own development team, (see Shetnews article). The plan breaks nearly every rule in the book. However I'm told by the planning company involved that these problems may be overcome during the forthcoming couple of weeks. The final decision has yet to be made. Looking at the report, available on the council planning website, (search 2019/054/ppf ), I fail to see how the major issues itemised here can be sidelined. The householders will still be there, the noise and smell from the plant, the traffic issues, etc. However, the
  2. Can someone help? I'm moving up in 3 weeks (possibly 4 weeks). I have a horse that will be moving up with me. I'm using Eric Gillies to get her from Buckinghamshire to Aberdeen. Then she will go on the ferry and be in the care of the ferry all the way to Lerwick. She needs to be collected from the ferry in Lerwick, taken off, and taken to Yell which is where my land is (Sellafirth). At this point, I don't know if I'll be up a day or two before, or a day or two after, her arrival... I'm desperately trying to find someone who can collect her and watch over her (on their land temporarily). If
  3. I want to build a simple shelter for my horses that really does not cost the earth as I am on an incredibly limited budget for the next few months. I have the remnants (half wall height) of an old rock pig/store barn. Small but enough to have my horses stand in. They do this already to keep their legs out of the wind to give them some protection. I'm wanting to put posts along it on the inside or outside of this thing and then put corregated metal up to form an A shape which'll provide some decide protection when they want it. To keep the metal up in this shape, I'm thinking I'll need an
  4. I have a 3 year old sony vaio laptop. It was powered down working on Thursday, and when switched on on Friday it sounds like it is coming on but the screen remains blank. You can hear the hard drive spinning and fan going from time to time, lights flicker. But not the usual beeps windows makes when booting. I hvae tried an extenal monitor and it is blank also, no input detected. I fear it is a deeper problem. So, has anybody had similar problem? Did you get it sorted? And is there any readers who would be able to have a look at it? Let me know dear shetlinkers.
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