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Found 6 results

  1. What are you folks thinking about the hotel situation? 2 for sale in Lerwick', one for sale in Scalloway, a new one proposed for Lerwick and a group of north mainland accom providers (inc. Brae Hotel, Busta and St Magnus Bay) opposing it...... https://www.shetnews.co.uk/2019/05/10/accommodation-providers-concerned-by-hotel-plans/
  2. So I've looked online to find a list of places that have a wedding venue licence within Shetland. A lot of nice places... BUT..... No beach wedding options. This is surprising and makes me sad. If beach wasn't an option, I was hoping to be able to be married in a barn... but again, there are none that I've found within Shetland that have the licence. I'm not missing something, am I? This is the list of wedding venues allowed, according to SIC: Baltasound Hotel, Baltasound, Unst, ZE2 9DS Bonhoga Gallery, Weisdale Mill, Weisdale Braewick Cafe, Eshaness, ZE2 9RS Burrast
  3. (**MOD EDIT ** Title altered 01/12/2007 to give thread wider scope) I've only just used this site - for work i have to spend quite a few nights away and usually stay in travel inns or similar but them found: http://www.laterooms.com/ stayed in a nice country hotel last night for less than half price - making it cheaper than the usual cheapies if anyone need a hotel for a night or two while traveling may be worth a look ..... none in shetland though
  4. Have any of you eaten in the Lerwick Hotel since it was done up? I've been going there regularly for bar lunches for years. Having everyone who is eating use the restaurant is ok, as you get the view of Breiwick. However the food has gone up in price by about £3 a dish and gone from something unpretenetious to a bit overpresented. Not really what I am looking for. Incidentally they haven't updated their website yet. http://www.shetlandhotels.com/Lerwick/restaurant.html
  5. I see this has been approved, whilst im neither here nor there regarding is it a good idea or not, iam surprised to read that certain hotels are worried about the long term effects - surely if they were worried they should have at least put in an objection? must admit iam surprised that there were no objections, i would have thought this was direct competition for not only hotels but everyone whos housing total workers? eventually (10+yrs) steady workers will live in shetland and there will be no need for 3 hotels in brae plus numorous houses rented to oil workers. i will bet a good dollar tha
  6. I have stayed in a few strange places but the weirdest was a small hotel in Zierikzee called 'de Drie Koningen' It was about 6-7 years ago and I have never forgotten it. When we entered, the reception and bar area was covered with dozens of large framed photos of a small child and there were scores of toys hung up on every available thing. My first thought was that they had lost a child and this was a shrine to it, but then the kid peddled into the bar area on its trike. I then realized we were in the company of obsessed parents! The photos also lined the stairs - luckily they had not got roun
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