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Found 2 results

  1. Shetland News has reported that there is to be a consultation on the North boat ferry fares, on October the 3rd, at the Shetland museum and archives. Can I implore every one to have an input into this. We all use the service and know that the cost has spiraled over the last ten years. I find I can only go away once a year now at best, as with grandchildren, the cost is enormous. I'm on boat this Friday (family of 5, with cabin and car) and the ferry has cost more than the self catering accommodation in wales for a (week) 4 nights in hotels and the fuel cost there and back (1000 miles) put together!!! If you want a comparison try this; go to this link for DFDS sailings from Newcastle to the Hook of Holland: http://www.dfdsseaways.co.uk/?gclid=CN2kv4vgs88CFUVmGwod4bgIwg&gclsrc=aw.ds This is about equivalent of our journey to/from Shetland, is un-subsidized and still comes out £260 cheaper than Northlink for same dates we are traveling with simillar cabin and car. Think it says it all- If an un-subsidized operator can do equivalent journey for so much less,and make it profitable, then someone is making a LOT of money out of us!!!
  2. Please can I implore everyone to complete the online questionnaire, for Peter Brett Associates, consultation on the Northlink ferry fares and other items. EVEN if you think the current structure is fair then say so. This is our chance to, maybe, be heard and possibly listened to. I've heard many people over the years make comments on this lifeline service, stop being vocal and do the right thing- do the questionnaire. The link to questionnaire is here https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/ConsultationtoSettingNIFSFares-October2016 14/10/2016 is our last chance.
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