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Found 13 results

  1. Hold the front page!! Northlink ferries shocker! Boats unfit for job with woeful facilities claims University boffin "The lifeline ferries serving Shetland and Orkney are some of the most inefficient and environmentally unfriendly ships built in recent years", according to a report by a "leading Scottish academic" on The Shetland News Website. Read article And if that isn't bad enough, North Tonight tonight (?) reported that, according to the Northern Maritme Corridor Group, we should be docking in Peterhead. Have the Northern Maritme Corridor Group ever been to Peterhead I wonder?
  2. A consultation has begun about the the proposed new harbour at Nigg Bay, Aberdeen. There is an email address to send in comments and I have suggested that the inclusion of a new roro berth for Northlink should be a priority. The link is here. http://www.aberdeencity.gov.uk/masterplanning/ More information on the project here http://www.aberdeencity.gov.uk/nmsruntime/saveasdialog.asp?lID=64864&sID=2991
  3. Please can I implore everyone to complete the online questionnaire, for Peter Brett Associates, consultation on the Northlink ferry fares and other items. EVEN if you think the current structure is fair then say so. This is our chance to, maybe, be heard and possibly listened to. I've heard many people over the years make comments on this lifeline service, stop being vocal and do the right thing- do the questionnaire. The link to questionnaire is here https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/ConsultationtoSettingNIFSFares-October2016 14/10/2016 is our last chance.
  4. Just thought I would share the interesting bit if news I heard today. Serco Northink have reduced the discount for Senior citizens, disabled passengers and students from 25% to 10%. Apparently there was an announcement but when I told them the only announcement I had seen was about the group travel the response was 'It's all part of the same thing!' I read the article in both The Shetland Times and The Shetland News and there was nothing mentioned about the reduction. So the first most people will be aware is when they book and discover the cost has gone up 15% Pretty sneaky!
  5. http://www.shetnews.co.uk/news/6381-more-cons-than-pros-on-new-look-nort-boat Interesting read, highly opinionated and dripping with sarcasm though for a website that has "News" in its name. Rosa is stepping over the mark a bit with this in my humble. Have to also say I disagree strongly with the suggestion that they suspend single occupancy cabins when its busy. I wouldnt stay in a hotel room with someone I didnt know and this is no different.
  6. Following on from the councillor for Kirkwall East's poll (where's the SIC in all this?), I thought it may be interesting to see what Shetlinkers think.
  7. I read somewhere that Serco are changing everything around on the boat for a "gastropub" look. It said that the number of passengers carried would be less. Does that mean there will be less cabins or just less foot-passenger space?
  8. didn't take them long http://www.shetnews.co.uk/news/5710-serco-plans-to-shed-sea-staff
  9. http://forargyll.com/2012/10/serco-profit-taking-starts-already-in-downgrading-maintenance-of-northlink-ferries/ Interesting read.
  10. How do you get to Shetland if you have no photo ID? My brother who has been here four times before, would like to visit later this month from England but he neither has an up to date passport nor a driving license, or any other form of photo ID. This is a pet peeve of mine (the fact that I cant travel within my own country without photo ID) Any advice appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Why are flybe fights out of shetland so damn expensive at last minute.. I am trying to get away tomorrow morning and i'm being quoted £374 return (aberdeen).. Yet if i was to book 4 months in advance its £139.. Surely flybe are taking the p i s s with the prices.
  12. Serco given preferred bidder status this afternoon, what's everybody's reaction?
  13. I was on the ferry back to Lerwick yesterday and had a shower in my cabin yesterday morning. When I went to step out of the shower, the floor was totally flooded in the "bathroom" with my slippers and the shower mat floating about. When I went to report the problem, I was told that this is a very common problem on the ferry as there are two small holes in the metal barrier, at the base of the unit, that lets water out. The person, to whom I was reporting it to, said that he had the same problem with the shower he was using. When I asked why can't the two holes be blocked, he shrugged his shoulders and gave no reply. Very strange. Anyone else noticed this problem when showering on the ferry?
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