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Found 3 results

  1. Guest

    Bears on Shetland?

    Upon conducting research into the sequel to my debut novel, I came across what seemed to be the full story of Jan Tait and the Bear. 'The Dialect and Place Names of Shetland: Two Lecutures' by Dr. Jakob Jakobsen - Doctor of Philosophy, University of Copenhagen (1897 published by T. and J. Manson in Lerwick) "...To illustrate a little the spirit and customs which reigned during the Norse period of government in Shetland, and the close connection existing between Shetland and Norway, I may mention the story of Jan Tait and the Bear. It is the only historical tale which has come down to us fro
  2. Some of you may recall scenes from a Norwegian soap being filmed in Shetland a few years ago. I just came across it on youtube.
  3. Then Miss Epoxy at Gremista marina is almost ready for departure for Norway, but she cant sail by herself, so if there are anybody With some sailing experience who has time to help a lady in distress.... Her owner should not take on the trip over to Norway by himself and therefore is in desperate need of a crew.....you can take a trip Down/up/over to Gremista marina to get to know the boat and owner or make a Call +4795757929. The plan is to set sail as soon as possible so if you or somebody you know could help out we would be very happy, You will be rewarded!!!!
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