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Found 3 results

  1. Hello people, I need your help. ​I'm studying Animal Behaviour and Welfare at a university in England and will be doing research on domestic cats and their hunting activities in Shetland. This will be taking place over July-August 2016. I will NOT be interfering with pet cats at all! Only observing them using cameras that will capture movement that happens close by. The thing I need help on is where the best locations to view cats is. I live in Quendale so only the mainland will be included. I would love to have information on places that many people own cats and if anyone notices common places for cats to hunt. Any information on this subject would be very appreciated! Also, if you have any questions about this, I'll be happy to answer. This research is in the process of ethical approval but be ensured it will not be interfering with your pet cat in any way. Thank you for any information!
  2. At shetland rural centre (the marts), Staneyhill, Lerwick on 15.8.14 from 2-7pm No appointment necessary, working and pet dogs welcome, no limit on number of dogs per household. All info on www.chipmydog.org.uk (or ask me!)
  3. CATS NEED YOU! Just under a year ago I became a cat "fosterer" for Shetland Cats Protection. I took on two 7 year old sisters who hadn't had much human contact for a few years and were very wary however, they have both settled down and now crave my company... if I'm in a room, they want to be in the same room. Caring for these beautiful girls has been a brilliant experience and it's very satisfying to see the change in them - I had doubts at one stage that they'd ever come round, but they have, and now they've become perminent residents. If you're looking a cat then please consider fostering or adopting from Cats Protection, whether its a kitten or mature cat, lap cat or bare-clawed hunter/killer for the croft, there are many deserving fur-balls just waiting for you! Contact for Shetland CP can be found here Thank you.
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