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Found 1 result

  1. Does anyone else read the stories of Promote Shetland and feel as though it is a poorly backed venture? Here's my quick take on it's three key area's. 1) Live in Shetland: I love my Island home, but lets see a few broader issues here. Where are people to live? There is a huge lack of rented accommodation here and a lot of the stock is way over priced, Although the prices may come down with the gas plant completion. Most people who would want to live here would nearly always want to rent until certain of stopping here. However those that want or can buy, then a lot of houses are now more expensive than those south, where you get cheaper shopping, fuels, electricity, choice etc, etc 2) Work: On the whole work is the only item of Promote Shetlands agenda that is reasonable, but if your needing people from outside of Shetland to help fill job's then it is useless without the cost of housing and the cost of travel coming down. 3) Travel and tourism. Two in the same really. The cost of getting on and off Shetland is ludicrous. I've had family have a two week package holiday in Portugal for the cost of return flights only to Shetland!!! The cost of getting here is also the main reason for people not to come here, trust me I've asked. But what happens to tourist's when they get here, to answer that here's a direct quote from a relative "...however we won't be coming back, never paid so much for petrol, airfares, accommodation, food, everything. How do you afford to live there Bro?" Without better infrastructure and investment into living and visiting in the Isles Promote Shetland seem's like the biggest waste of money since Olaf the Stupid ordered 500 Longboats with holes in the hull to reduce weight!
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