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Found 2 results

  1. <admin edit> A 2007 poll on this thread asked "Do you want a Tesco in Shetland?" with the following results Yes (280 votes [67.47%])No (104 votes [25.06%])Don't care/know (31 votes [7.47%])</admin edit> Personally I think two supermarkets is more than enough for Shetland. Tesco seems to have a fairly bad name - there are more people rallying together against tesco setting up in their local area than any other supermarket as far as I can tell, to the point there is a website devoted to getting people together for that cause (www.tescopoly.org). Their business practices have been shown to be less than desireable (although they aren't the only supermarket that can be said about). Do we really want one in Shetland?
  2. The north isles bus that does the daily run to Lerwick, has been stopped from picking up shoppers right outside the store by a Tesco representative. Last Weds - the driver was told to park the coach in the car park NOT directly outside the store, which has annoyed many elderly shoppers who don't want to drag trolleys right across the car-park; especially in bad weather. Also, many of these shoppers are disabled, and either don't drive or have stopped driving and take the bus instead - they are not able to safely manage pushing a packed trolley across the car-park. Those of us that use this service want people to complain to Tesco about this. After all, quite often the bus is full of people who shop in their store - so maybe we should think about not buying our shopping in Tesco unless the situation improves? On Friday 2nd December, I was on the bus. Because the car-park was so busy, the driver couldn't park in the car-park- so what was he expected to do? Let people drag their shopping out into the main road? He parked right outside the store and waited to see if he would be moved on - luckily, on that occasion he wasn't, and was able to safely pick up shoppers. If you are affected by this or are unhappy about this situation, please call Tesco and complain. The telephone number for the store is: 0345 6719524 (that's the number I found on the top of the Tesco receipt)
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