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Members vs. Social Media Members.

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#1 Ghostrider



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Posted 11 April 2014 - 09:12 AM

Okay, so I'm a nosey barsteward.


Since lately I see a small but increasing number of users who are listed as being part of the "Social Media Members" group and their nicks are highlighted in pink/purple on the logged in members list, as opposed to the vast majority of users being in the "Members" group and showing in standard text.


How does one become a member of this "Social Media Members" group, or leave it and join the "Members" group for that matter. Is there a choice, or is it all dictated by some great site software god. More to the point, what's the difference in practical terms between being in either group.


I'm maybe just thick (shurrup) but as I'm not seeing any obvious reason for why some folk are in one group or the other - time of joining the site seems to make no odds, there are both very recent joiners and users who've been registered for years in both groups, enquiring minds are wanting to know.



#2 Hector's House

Hector's House


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Posted 11 April 2014 - 09:41 AM

That'll be for those who sign in using their preferred anti-social media. I guess those sites offer such ease of managing your logins so they can know absolutely everything about you. :ph34r:

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#3 Ghostrider



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Posted 11 April 2014 - 09:58 AM

^ Oh, one of them. Nope, I do me own logging in, I'm a bit control freakish like that. :razz:

#4 trout


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Posted 12 April 2014 - 07:58 AM

As rightly deduced the 'Social Media Login' title is for those having chosen to link one of the social media sites to their Shetlink account - or - just log into Shetlink using one of their social media accounts for ease of moving between their online social sphere.


Currently there is no difference in Shetlink functionality to those users but, with more 'openness' of those members we are reviewing the potential of providing further functionality etc. as a sign of goodwill for their choice.


Anyone with a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google account can either login directly and connect an already signed up Shetlink account (matches on email address) or having logged into Shetlink (via any means) then go to http://www.shetlink....e&module=usercp and connect accounts:



Shetlink will receive the following info: your public profile, friend list, email address and News Feed. 

Shetlink cannot post to Facebook.



View the email address associated with your account. View your name, public profile URL, and photo. View your gender. View your country, language, and timezone.



Profile: Name, photo, headline, and current positions. Email: The primary email address you use for your LinkedIn account
Read Tweets from your timeline. See who you follow.
Shetlink will not be able to: Follow new people. Update your profile. Post Tweets for you. Access your direct messages. See your Twitter password.
[NOTE: Anyone having already setup a Twitter connection are invited to re-voke access and re-connect to gain these new lesser connection settings!]
At the moment just appears to do what ever it wants 0_o - It's quite an unruley beast and Shetlink is considering revoking permissions for this login function. Yay! Microsoft!
For the sake of clarity - at no time does Shetlink do anything other than connect accounts on email address/login information. The respective permissions of each application can be controlled by the user - and only the user in question - from their control panel as per link above. Users are able and are free to revoke these permissions from their Shetlink control panel at any time.
So why bother?
- Ease of login throughout your online social sphere
- Share information - as per your choices - between each application to conjoin your online social presence
- Upcoming further functionality in Shetlink

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