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Scalloway Fish Market

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#41 Urabug



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Posted 27 October 2017 - 03:27 PM




I'm surprised that the councils do not have a centralised distribution center serving the whole of the uk, bulk buying and providing all the council schools,care homes ,hostels ect. not only with food but anything and everything.


They are years behind in there procurement  methods.


Tesco ,Coop ect all have there own large distribution depots this is how they are able to reduce operating costs there by giving us their customers better prices in most cases. 


Their could be a "council"   fish buyer stationed here in Shetland supplying the whole of the UKs public establishments with the very best quality fish,and another at the Marts bidding for the best of Shetland meat.  :ponders:


Urabug, if there was a centalised distribution centre covering the whole of the U.K, all the fish would be landed in either Devon or Cornwall, while the milk, beef, lamb and pork would be farmed on duchy land at the south end of England. Everything from elsewhere would be deemed inedible and anybody caught trying to sell it would serve life at Wormwood Scrubs.


It would kill Shetland.


No No peerie Nicola would see to that!



Some proof to back up the statement would be nice.


Proof ! now even I could or would not dare go that far  :rofl:

#42 boby2013



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Posted 08 November 2017 - 09:12 PM

Hi Readers

Why Sic all time have to take control of Investment in Shetland? why they don’t ask Investors come into Shetland build with their own monies? this goes for a lot thing houses factories food productions can be done in Shetland give jobs to locals in areas, ship goods out shetland   there’s no plans drawing up to help villages and north isles for next 10- 20 years, no were SIC have north Isles Westside small unites people could rent that I see.

Everything done is for Lerwick. Rest Shetland people can struggle, please  Make jobs in areas for people. Were they stay villages will Develop have jobs


Scallaway fish market is very much required but out there is Investors who can build and costs locals nothing companies would give jobs to locals. Its seems if SIC don’t have finger in pie it’s no Go


This why Shetland outside Lerwick not developed to well in outer regions, Example if Norwegians want build tunnel welcome them don’t close door get them to table for talks working ferries next 100 years depend on weathers and repairs new ferries  is not so good. We getting left behind in progress,becuse few  locals dont understand situation in tunnels   thats the  ones live in fear of developments of area and rather hold up progress it should be ashame for them rep people in such manner


Maybe hard to say this  but reality, if people want tunnels SIC must push for this its  the will of people of shetland  Its  not private business they own and run them self SIC its state service of people requirments as elected Goverment of scotland and UK

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