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Power cuts

electricity power wind pole weather

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#16 Urabug



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Posted 12 November 2018 - 03:24 PM

Interesting yes overhead cables are cheaper to provide and maintain in most cases, but high winds especially combined with snowy weather can cause the accumulation of snow and ice on the wires that can cause considerable damage,broken poles stretched /broken wires and certainly was one reason why underground cables is now preferred.


Underground cables can be seriously damaged by lightning ,not always going faulty at the time of the strike but damaged enough that a fault will slowly develop  over a period of time.


Cables in ducts are not always easy to replace as they can get "silted in "and if there is several in the same duct they can all be stuck together requiring the need for specialist equipment, to separate them..

#17 Ghostrider



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Posted 12 November 2018 - 05:06 PM

There's positives and negatives in all options, but what also needs factoring in, is whether or not in the 21st C. and with the profits power suppliers tend to make. Is having folk wondering whenever the wind goes above Force 8 and/or there's a decent sized fall of wet snow if their power is going to stay on, an 'acceptable' level of service.


We get 'extremes' of weather regularly every winter, simply due to our geographical location, which elsewhere within SSE's supply area are broadly speaking, 'once in a lifetime' events, and as often as not somebody somwhere in Shetland loses their power as a direct result of that weather.


I'm certainly not knocking the guys who maintain and repair the lines, as they always turn out often in the most hellish conditions and do the best they can with what they've been given to work with. I'm having a pop at the bean counters and board room execs who most likely know nothing about Shetland than as a different coloured blob on a map, but who dictate how these things have to be, as I can't but help but think that the repair guy's job would be made easier, and customers would get a more relaible service if as much as is practically possible was buried, instead of the apparent current policy of making as cheap as possible to put there, and keep on throwing manpower at it to stick it back up again every time the weather knocks it over.

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#18 Ghostrider



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Posted 28 December 2019 - 09:32 AM

Anybody else having to put up with multiple outages this morning, or is it just wis poor sad bar stewards at the Ness who've had to suffer six times and counting of suddenly sitting in the dark......Yesterday you could have blamed the weather, today, no so much......

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