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  1. Hi, This is not another Carmichael bash thread so lets not go there again, but leading on from that topic, If someone lies or deliberately misinforms either the public or employers in the line of their job at what point should they resign or be sacked? At what point or how bad do you think things have to be to ask someone to leave their job?
  2. How can people demonstrate under the banner "We the people of Shetland" when you do not represent the majority people of Shetland but in fact a very small group of people claiming you represent us when in fact you do not. Is this not misrepresentation or indeed a lie??
  3. Hi, To get down to its bones, An MP has lied, but then later apologises for his actions publically. Does this really warrant his resignation? If this is the case, should anyone who tells a lie no matter how small or misinforms the public or their superiors should not just be held accountable BUT actually resign from their job also. If that is indeed the case we probably have start with resignations' starting with NHS Shetland and SIC and not just 1 MP because he happen to win an election. This is how ridiculous this sounds, because you cannot have 1 rule for one and not the rest no matter what your position. If someone's vote rested on whether or not someone leaked a memo about what someone else said their views are very narrow minded and are not looking at the bigger picture or wider policies. If Nicola Sturgeon did say she wanted Cameron to win (Which she didn't) she would have been very stupid and if she didn't say it, believing the memo, sounds even more stupid. Sounds like a lot of sour grapes by SNP supporters because they just didn't win. Who is next on their hit list the only Conservative MP in Scotland or Labour's representative in Scotland? That is how petty this has become and at what cost to the general public ?
  4. The 2nd link was about him (Salmond) having meetings with EU ministers over Europe which ministers deny.
  5. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/scottish-independence/11100406/Alex-Salmond-accused-of-lying-over-EU-talks.html
  6. Try this link apologies, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/uknews/scottish-independence/11100406/Alex-Salmond-accused-of-lying-over-EU-talks.html
  7. and this http://www.telegraph.co.uk/uknews/scottish-indpendence/111 someone is lying here, should they not resign? Have you never ever told a lie while at work even a little white one ? If so you should resign as your either deceiving your employers or customers etc
  8. Hi, As quoted in the news section Salmond "blatantly lied about legal advice on Scotland's membership of the EU". Therefore should he resign and all SNP MSPs resign as he was the leader at the time of the referendum as they are also guilty by association. He has also never owned up and or apologised , and now sits in the Houses of Parliament as an MP. Obviously it depends which party you belong to as to whether that is deemed okay.
  9. As the Vikings do not have a majority, does that mean we get rid of up helly aa ?
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