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  1. Hi there! I was speaking to a friend of mine today who told me that someone else she had recently spoken to was under the impression that part of the Mareel will be turned into a nightclub. I Just wanted to know if this is true. I think it would be a good idea as it would give people who enjoy dancing an alternative place to go, rather than having to rely on posers fo this as the only option. Can anyone tell me what the truth is here. Thanks.
  2. Hi there! Sad news, but Just wanted to say that last night (Saturday 20th October) I found a Black and White Cat lying on the side of the road, in the Staneyhill area. Unfortunately, the cat died within 5 minutes of finding her (think it was a she), there was no blood, but she must have been hit by a car. I Just wanted to post this in case anyone is missing their cat. It's sad that she died, she was a Beautiful cat and seemed to be very well looked after, but to put the owners mind at rest, before she died, there was no blood and I was gently stroking her. She went very suddenly, and peacef
  3. Hello there! I agree with what someone else said - The grand hotel do pretty good meals and they are not to pricey either. I personally prefer the bar area, but they have a nice restaurant too. I have always been pleased with meals that I have had in the Grand Hotel that I have even booked the grand for my wedding meal. I hope this helps in some way and that wherever you decide to go, you all enjoy your meal and have a nice time. Kindest Regards, From Tracey.
  4. Hello there! I am due to get married on the 15th of December this year and have already booked the Lerwick Museum for the reception/dance, but because of rising costs and financial difficulties, I am looking for somewhere else that would be suitable for around 50 to 80 guests. Another reason for no longer wanting the museum is that you are not allowed to decorate the walls, and I want banners and christmas decorations etc. Isleburgh has already been booked up and I'm not keen on the British Leigon. The Town Hall is too big, and although I will be contacting Sound and Tingwall hall, I would l
  5. Hello there! I am hoping to get married in December (in Lerwick) and was wondering if anyone knows of who I can contact regarding wedding videography? I've looked on the internet, but it hasn't really come up with much. Any help with this would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  6. I wasn't sure which catergorie to put this under but I have a question which is: Who can I contact via email to find out more about the Mareel? I want whoever is in charge of the new venue to tell me when it is expected to open and also if they will hold club nights (hopefully better than posers) with different bouncers and not Just traditional music. Any help with this will be much appreciated. Thanks!
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