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Mobile phone unlock


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Yeah already tried that one, but they say although they share masts they are still seperate companies!

I spoke to a very abrupt American lady who said that because my contract finished more than 3 months ago they could`nt provide a code. And if they could they would charge £15 + vat.


Thanks for the reply anyway.

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??? I'm shocked if it's contract phone and you completed the contract, then they have to unlock it for you? T-mobile never used to lock their contract phones, oh how things change. (oh wait, T-mob didn't lock their own phones, Tesco, phones4u etc do)

They are the same company, just different "Brands" according to EE.

Would be tempted to phone again, pointing out that as you completed the contract the phone belongs to you and that you'd like to be able to use your property, if they're not able to offer you a better deal than orange, then you'd like the unlock code. Or there's always virgin (same as T-mobile)

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