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  • ColinPhoto
    Brexit (merged threads)

    Colin - Today, 07:11 AM

    I would tend to agree..  Personally, I have at least 5 'valid' (and active) unique email add...

  • Suffererof1crankymofoPhoto
    Viking Sky cruise ship rescue

    Suffererof1crankymofo - Today, 05:52 AM

    Ah yes, the video doing the rounds of furniture and plants whizzing across the floor whilst the p...

  • GhostriderPhoto
    Brexit (merged threads)

    Ghostrider - Yesterday, 11:46 PM

    The only 'verification' necessary for one of those petitions is confiration that the email addres...

  • ColinPhoto
    Brexit (merged threads)

    Colin - Yesterday, 09:47 PM

    Remarkable indeed.  Providing it continues to accumulate signatures at the current rate!...

  • JGHRPhoto
    Brexit (merged threads)

    JGHR - Yesterday, 08:59 PM

    Contrasting a national state run referendum (which received almost 100% across the board news cov...

  • ColinPhoto
    Brexit (merged threads)

    Colin - Yesterday, 08:10 PM

    At the rate it's climbing, it might take some time to exceed 17, 000, 000

  • Davie PPhoto
    Brexit (merged threads)

    Davie P - Yesterday, 07:23 PM

    Here's an interesting real-time visualisation of the petition https://splasho.com/petitions/...

  • GhostriderPhoto
    Viking Sky cruise ship rescue

    Ghostrider - Yesterday, 07:06 PM

    There doesn't seem to be many people with knowledge of the coastline where he was and the prevail...

  • CrashBoxPhoto
    Internet connection

    CrashBox - Yesterday, 06:42 PM

    Plusnet is owned by BT, hence why they never make claims against BT in their TV adverts, yet clai...

    Donald Trump (poll)

    KOYAANISQATSI - Yesterday, 06:23 PM

     "To the left, you are either a tool to be employed, or an obstacle to be removed or destroy...

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