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Unseen Economy; A Retrospective Look At Shetlink Classifieds

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£41.4 million   No, this isn't the latest Euromillions jackpot! It's Shetlink: your everday Shetland site assisting Shetlanders buy and sell. Since moving across to the new software Shetlink's been b

So here's a thought. What's the Shetlink community's impression of having moved towards paid trade/commercial advertising in the classifieds section?   Had the most random and discerning PM conversati

As the owner of a small business I wouldn't object to paying to advertise.

Did something funky happen with the classifieds/email notification at or shortly before 12.50pm today? Suddenly I started to get an email every time a new ad was posted, the only emails I've ever gotten up to now was when somebody sent me a PM, nothing else.


I've never been in to the My Settings > Notification Options part of My Profile before, as the defaults were suiting me okay. However, when I looked there the box to send an email whenever a new ad was posted was checked. Sooooo.....has it always been checked, but that part of the emails just hasn't worked before now, or was there a blip somewhere in deep cyberland that caused it to get checked and start sending them?


Nosey bar stewards wanna know.....once I've cleaned the sudden rush outta me Inbox. :razz:

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If it's an email for every single new ad. Check the front page of the classifieds and click the button to "unsubscribe" at the top right hand side. The same can be done if it's just for a particular category you may have subscribed to - go into that category and click the same button.

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^ Just curious, why would you think its putting people off enquiring? Some items attract large numbers of rubberneckers with few if any seriously interested, other items may only appeal to a handful, but the majority of them are seriously interested.


Personally I like it. Obviously there are no absolutes, but I would see it as a useful guide to the seller as to whether to bother relisting the item or not should it not initially sell despite the interest. As a guide to other potential sellers of the same or similar items, and a guide to future prospective buyers of the same or similar products.

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well i t might be just me but if i see an item with say 300 views it just pops in my head that the item must be gone or at least a large number of enquiries whereas there might have been no enquiries as has been the case with some of my items. Not come across "views"  on other sites yet 


That's fair enough, different people will see things in different lights.


ebay has a optional "view" counter on each listing page, and viewing figures for each item are shown to sellers on their selling summary page. Anyone using Facebook Groups as a selling page will sometimes be shown viewing figures, (not sure of the details, but randomly you see a small note at the bottom corner of each photo saying "Seen by xyz").

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