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  1. Does the land even belong to them? Do they own up to the wall, the footpath, or to the sea?
  2. From the Failbook page: "The funding was actually awarded for a bid we made to the Scottish Natural Heritage who have funding awards to look at using “greenspace” within and around hospital grounds to best advantage for patients, visitors and staff, given the benefits of accessing nature to health, healing, decreasing stress etc. So the kinds of projects it can be spent on is quite limited, and the kind of thing not usually a priority in the NHS budget. Because a big part of the aim of the project is to increase use by staff the voting is open to staff, yes."
  3. @ Capeesh It is one thing for a government to provide funding to the likes of Scottish Ballet, etc. It's another thing entirely when they start to dictate upon what's available in areas and neighbourhoods having a say; that's what we already have planning laws for and a whole plethora of other organisations. This whole thing reminds me of cultural activities such as those in Japan and China, whereby people must participate in certain activities, and not necessarily on a voluntary basis. Having a greater say in what's available locally doesn't necessarily mean everyone will be in favour of certain cultural activities. The document also refers to Scots language and gaelic; no mention of Shetland dialect; some might argue that it isn't Scottish. So will all our roadsigns be in Gaelic then in the future?
  4. @ Capeesh I don't think it's any of my neighbour's (and ergo, my local community's) business if myself and a few mates participate in ballet or any other cultural activity that's available in our locality. If a few folk want to get together and have an accordion club, provided no noise nuisance/laws are being broken, what the hell has it got to do with the government or anyone else? I also don't think it's the government's business to be promoting them. I don't think it's down to them either to create partnerships between culture organisations, businesses and people. In other words, I wish they would keep their dictatorial beaks out!
  5. @ Ghostrider - I've decided it's culture when I practise doing ballet in the kitchen. I'd like a barre but no doubt the SIC would object to one being installed in Your gaff. I'm sure the neighbours have some amusement seeing me practise having both feet and arms in 5th position demi-pointe, sometimes followed by what can only be described as me impersonating a weeble. Does this mean the Scottish Gov. will give me dosh towards my ballet lessons then, given that You're not a balletomane?
  6. Does the S. I. C. really have an equality policy - or does it just want enough of us to believe they have an equality policy. After all, it keeps them being paid by us and it makes them feel big and powerful? Well, even I managed to find it on their website! Massive snip to: "Promote justice and equality, here and overseas" and then they have a whole lovely document plus references to the Equality Act 2010. https://www.shetland.gov.uk/equality-and-diversity/default.asp
  7. @ Admin Given that the SIC has an equality policy, and given that many of the venues used (and roads) come under their control, how about a question regarding whether or not the SIC should continue to permit their buildings and roads to be used, especially when it is borne in mind that despite UHA basically being a private party with long waiting lists for new squads and/or squad members, it's also a case of institutionalised discrimination to which the SIC are contributing and supporting.
  8. You'd be lucky if £30k bought you the plot, never mind the bricks and mortar.
  9. @ peeriebryan Thanks for that; however, I'm struggling (perhaps because of the way the SIC set up their website) to find a single document from solely the Licensing Forum. Do they keep meeting minutes or meeting notes of their meetings? Are these on the SIC website? Where are these meetings held? Can the public attend? If not, why not? I appreciate that you can't necessarily speak for the Licensing Forum and perhaps you'd consider raising these points with them.
  10. @ peeriebryan Thanks, but my point still remains, in that there doesn't appear to be a sub-committee/section heading just for the Licensing Forum and the documents appear to be those that are presented at joint meetings or are produced as a joint entity in conjunction with the Licensing Board ... so when does the Licensing Forum meet on its own to discuss what they, as a forum, are going to present to the Licensing Board? In a nutshell, it isn't very transparent.
  11. Nope, comes up with an error. Did another search and whilst it comes up with documents for the Licensing Board, I can't see listed anything specifically related to just the Licensing Forum ... or perhaps I'm just being a thicko?
  12. @ The Cleaner - My reply to the OP was purely in relation to their situation if they were to rent on their own but I appreciate and understand the red tape surrounding HB.
  13. @ Shetland_boys Is the £50 after bills, including food? If so, that's no different to a lot of folk. If it is £50 before bills, then you would probably qualify for Housing Benefit.
  14. @paulb - what makes you think single adults are treated differently because of sex?
  15. "With a little help from the European Union" - err nope, it won't be the future Shetland model. Besides, Shetland deserves and needs reliable affordable energy generation, not subsidised over and over and over again by consumers.
  16. What about renting your house out and re-mortgaging? Buy-to-let mortgages are usually available. Speak to a mortgage broker and local estate agents to see what rental income you could realistically expect each month, not forgetting overheads such as their commission, Gas Safety and Electricity certificates, etc. Have you considered a change of career, say being a private carer? I'm wondering if you could do that and perhaps be say bank staff for nursing? Not sure about the practicalities around that? It isn't uncommon for people to have two, or even three part-time jobs up here. It's worth bearing in mind too the legalities surrounding leaving a dog alone (most animal charities recommend no more than four hours and that's reflected in Scottish law) and it might not be so easy to get a dogsitter on the outer isles. Re coeliac disease: check out https://www.shb.scot.nhs.uk/departments/dietetics/gffs.aspin addition to the outlets listed above.
  17. SB, you should be able to get more than a 10 year mortgage with your dad. For example, Co-operative Bank lend calculating repayments ending when someone reaches 80 years of age, as do others. Whilst you've had a range of advice above, I would, however, err on the side of caution too ... over the last year or so, banks/building societies have tightened their lending criteria: years ago, they would never ask how much you spent on going down the gym, how much you spent on clothes, hairdresser, etc., but having been criticised for lending to people who couldn't afford the repayments, they've increased the questions they ask you and also want to see more proof of income, copies of bank statements, pay closer attention to credit card outstanding balances, other personal loans, etc. And whilst I agree that it isn't necessarily good for your health or your granny's health, they (Housing) would expect medical proof and points before they really took that into account. Housing will have heard everything in the past from other people on the list and unless they have a hard to shift place that is sitting empty, you might just move a couple of places up the list if you're lucky - it's a tick box exercise no matter how sympathetic they might be when you see them. But widen your search area and don't forget to ask the nice Housing Admin person by e-mail each month where you are on each regional list that you're on. Do Hjaltland have any new builds coming up whereby they're offering part rent/part ownership?
  18. I do genuinely feel for you and saw your ad too last night. Unfortunately, the facts are, are that social housing is geared up for those who cannot afford to rent privately - I'm not saying it's right, I'm not saying it's fair, just how it is. So unless you are regarded as a priority such as have medical reasons (and you need 100 points to be taken seriously) or you're being harassed and your life is in danger, you haven't got a hope in hell's chance of getting a place unless you go for a hard to let flat which will probably be out of town ... because even if you're at risk of homelessness, all the SIC have is a duty to give you a list of temporary accommodation/B&B, etc. - having kids means they have more obligations and duties under the Childrens Act. When you say south, do you mean the south part of Shetland? It's worth a try as at least a lot of the social housing down the south end isn't too far from a bus route, if that helps at all. Quite often people will accept a council/housing association place down the south end and then get a transfer later up to the town. It might also be worth ascertaining if it's worth your while to rent outside of town because sometimes the difference in rent is such that even after taking bus fares into account, it does give you more of an opportunity to save towards a mortgage. With regards to mortgages, not everywhere requires a deposit. It might be worth your while to speak to an independent mortgage advisor to ascertain if there are any organisations willing to give you a 100% mortgage as opposed to a 70%/75% mortgage. A lot of people overlook the fact that overseas banks do lend on properties in the UK, there's a lot more organisations outwith of the High Street banks who do lend dosh. Another alternative is any time Hjaltland do the part ownership/part rent schemes. Good luck.
  19. @ tooney1 - Well, I would have visited sooner had I been able to get tickets for various events but alas, no. It was absolutely freezing in the cinema though; they could, no doubt, save a fortune by turning the air conditioning down a tad.
  20. I visited Mareel a few months back. I have to say the staff were exceedlingly helpful and polite. Can't comment on the bar, it was closed for refurbishment at the time.
  21. Speedreading, attempting to gaslight and jumping to assumptions aren't usually good ideas.
  22. Why don't you 'stoop to that level' and call people names or make personal attacks? Is it because you disagree with this statement and you feel that name calling and making hurtful remarks may for some people be offensive and harmful or cause some people to have unwelcome feelings? Or do you agree with the argument that 'No-one can give offence, offence can only be taken' and if so why wouldn't you call people names and make hurtful remarks about them if it helped make your point? By this logic any offense or negative emotion experienced by the recipient would be nothing to do with you, it would solely be down to the offended party being 'too sensitive for that medium' and unnecessarily taking offense when they could equally as well choose not to. That's your logic, not mine. You don't appear to have thought that there could possibly be other reasons, just one example:- 'When you resort to name-calling, you've already lost the debate'.
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