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uilleann pipes


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Who's heard of this instrument? They are confused with bag pipes and often make people want to play bag pipes as they don't know that it is actualiy uillean pipes playing there favourite songs.


It could be the hardest instrument to learn and is listened to by millions all over the world. Uillean pipes play the famous theme tunes in films such as braveheart, titanic and many more. Meaning its heard by millions and bag pipes gets all the credit.


If you didn't know this look it up. They sound so much nicer then bag pipes in my opinion and I am wondering if anyone plays it up here. Or teaches it.

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I love the sound of the uillean pipes. I first heard them when I started listening to Davy Spillane in the early 90's. He has created some amazing haunting music.


It's a much easier instrument to listen to than the bagpipes IMO. Can't play them though - but would love to try!

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