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  1. MODERDYE - OLD CODES NEW CODES https://hearthis.at/number-seven-cp/moderdye-codes-old-school
  2. https://www.mixcloud.com/number-seven/number-seven-something-different/
  3. https://hearthis.at/number-seven-cp/moderdye-driftwood/q5s/
  4. https://hearthis.at/number-seven-cp/moderdye-high-tide/ all tracks available here https://didrec.bandcamp.com/
  5. Direct link to bernhardt https://m.soundcloud.com/bernhardtmusic
  6. download at https://hearthis.at/number-seven-cp/number-seven-held-hostage/
  7. https://www.mixcloud.com/number-seven/number-seven-held-hostage-by-bernhardt/
  8. https://hearthis.at/number-seven-cp/number-seven-west/
  9. Im sure it was supposed to be in january 18 but im as usual it is way later
  10. Well it would be good if other people would post there mixes here too as im not the only one in shetland making mixes
  11. Its fair to say that most people on shetlink will not like my mixes but hopefully 1 or 2 people will enjoy them
  12. Thanks for listning to my mixes hopefully now you might enjoy
  13. Well great we finally got that sorted out, now everone can get back to doing what they do And yes techno is an acquired taste of music
  14. For windows 10 bit defender is better than windows defender https://www.bitdefender.co.uk/
  15. None of any vocals in tracks is my voice nor do i have any input into what samples people use in there tracks , nor do i hate anyone
  16. Microsoft security essentials is also ok ,works fine with windows 7 not sure how well it works with windows 10
  17. Yet again your back at it bullying me now with threats involved , THERE IS NO TALKING IN ANY OF MY MIXES , there might be some vocals in peoples songs but i have no input in what people sing about more to the point why would anyone sing about some random person in shetland that they dont even know , all that you are up to is continually annoying people on shetlink .
  18. https://www.image-line.com/flstudio/
  19. Avast is ok and commodo is also good , also perhaps think about a vpn as well atom vpn is free also opera browser has free vpn
  20. Look who's back in town https://www.mixcloud.com/number-seven/number-seven-syntax-error2/
  21. https://www.mixcloud.com/number-seven/number-seven-orquesmusic/
  22. At da cross when the chemist finally moves out to kantersed perhaps that property may be big enough for a mini lidl/aldi , not sure how big the store is in there though
  23. Perhaps aldi or lidl could take on a premises on the street
  24. They probably need to sell a few more paracetamol to pay for the move
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