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  1. We just got a new computer and broadband yaayy. Now I can watch all these and all the ones I've been sent. These two I think are great but it depends on what you thing of Star Wars parody songs and Weird Al Yankovic: Saga Begins: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qD5f7Kzl7yw Yoda http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAmDAOM-5z0
  2. I used to say something to that effect. However, light is made up of varying wavelengths which are constant. In the back of each of our retinas are "cones" and "rods" affected by these specific wavelengths .. so each of us (unless these retinal areas are damaged or malfunction eg. colour blindness) view the same wavelengths. So you seeing "red" light means I also see "red" light rather than "green" for instance. Yes, we are all taught the "names" of these viewable wavelengths ... but we do actually all see the same "colour", per say. I know I don't as I'm mostly blind in one eye and also folk that are colour blind might not see some shades at all.
  3. 100% agree with you on that one. When it becomes normal then maybe there might some tighter legislation on folks that go about just upsetting folks and collecting the cash. And how do we know red is red it could be purple the only reason we think of the colour red when we say red is that is what we been told. Who decided red was going to be red.......
  4. Didn't realise that but he probably didn't say a single thing when it was first broadcast. I still think it sounds like a very raw nerve has been touched somewhere with him. Why can I do the stuff I do have I been able to cold read since I was 5? I'll admit it's a possibility or I could be psychic. I don't charge for what I do and never do "oh your garden is so rosy or you'll be dead within the next week" routine. So am I completely deluded? (hmm should have a poll for this I know quite a lot of folk that would want to contribute outside Shetlink ) As I have previously said there are people in this world who want to take no personal responsiblity for themselves they want, priests, psychics, charlatons, whoever to do it for them and the best that you can do for them is (gently depending on the person) tell them to take responsibility otherwise they are just going to end up in a heap of trouble. Someone answer me this - properly. What is the difference between someone who totally believes in the paranormal and someone who totally will not believe in any kind of paranormal existance? To me they are fairly the same - closed mindset.
  5. Good grief who rattled Charlie Brookers case? A guy who is so angry about the subject has obviously had some dealings with the subject which has hurt him a lot I'd imagine. A lot of people don't believe in this stuff but aren't as umm virtiolic about it. As for saying everyone that believes it is either desperate or deluded- well what a well thought out reasoned argument - bravo - I think not. Personally I do believe in all the "psychic" stuff (yeah, I can tell you are shocked by that statement ) but if someone came along with good evidence and said that this is how you do it then fine I'd be happy with that. There is a great belief that one day soon everything will be explained by science. A vague example - it wasn't that long ago people who had fits were thought to be possessed by the devil now we know it's called epilepsly. I've seen the programme concerned and yes it did disturb me that Channel 5 were allowed to broadcast this. The thing that gets me is this was first broadcast way back in the summer - why is Charlie Brooker waiting until now to get on his high horse about it. Having a slow news day are we? Having never seen any more of Derek Ogilvie I can't really comment if he is like that the whole time or if it was edited for a specific shock value. While I can see his viewpoint about this he has gone about it half ersed if you ask me it's a lot of venting rather than reasoned argument. I agree that there are a lot of charlatons and frauds out there specifically because they can make a quick buck out of people because it's so easy. I think the Mediumship Act should be tightened up and the charlaton given fines, it would be hard to patrol (it could be run by well known non charaton psychics) but for the ones that come out with you or your partner/sibling is going to die in XXX years should be brought down on hard I think.
  6. As I understand it there is funding available from Europe for a bridge/tunnel but that it came with a timeframe but not sure what that timeframe is - it could have already run out....
  7. Ooh that would be good wi bungee stuff - could get a lot o money from the extreme sports folks would help wi the expenses of maintaining it
  8. You can safely bet that with both of them the price is going to ramp up. With all the toing and froing they will lose the money from Europe as far as I understand it needs to be used by a certain date but not sure what that date is. I've always wondered if they would put a toll on the bridge but with what happened with the Skye Bridge not sure if the council would want to go down that route or not. If they don't do something then I can see it happening, as they will be losing (what little) revenue they are getting from the ferry and where will they get the money for maintaining the money for bridge/tunnel? Put up Council Tax? Will they get the same subsidy for the bridge/tunnel as they do for the ferry? They really do need to get the roads on the Bressay side done as it's single track and with the amount of amount of traffic will be significantly increased which means the roads will need to be maintained a lot more regularly, where is that come from? I think there will be cars racing about the whole of Bressay but to be honest I don't know what can be done about it. Where would cars be policed at? As to bridge closing I think wind would be a major problem not too clued up on it but my thoughts are if it's windy on the ground it gets windier the higher up you go and it's quiet often on the radio that I hear the something about Forth Road Bridge and the weather (I live about 10 miles from the Bridge) but this would probably (maybe not completly) be negated if the council were to go for the tunnel option.
  9. It's the next thing we're going to see at Cinema, looking forward to it!
  10. I do like pineapple as it goes really well with the chees but not keen on the anchovy.
  11. Kirks are always terrible for making folk giggle. I was at the big kirk for a christening and we were singing away to All Things Bright and Beautiful which was going well until the purple headed mountain bit came along one of the guys started giggling, then another but at the same time trying really hard not too which was even funnier it was terrible. We were trying our best not to but couldn't which just made it worse.
  12. Bit of both really at least you are always guaranteed having a holiday and the family were always around. Mam had always said that she felt sorry for the poor bairns that were born about Christmas and when did her first one show up? The best bit was that Mam went into labour after Christmas denner and the nurses told her it was just indigestion.... As for Mr TA they've not handed out the rota at the station yet so will have to wait and see so fingers crossed.
  13. Mr TA not to be working on Christmas Day or Boxing for that matter as it's me birthday. Apart from that just having a chilled out time.
  14. My deck of Tarot cards were in front of me and I stuck angel at the end. Boring but true.......
  15. I'm going to make a suggestion it may sound a bit daft but bear with me. Why not organise a chat for a specific time e.g Sunday night at 7pm or whenever most people can make it and see how many people turn up? At least that way you will see how many people would want to use it. Another forum I'm on has a weekly organised chat as well as people going on whenever they feel like it. Some people on there have said that they found it a bit better if they know that others will definitely be there.
  16. Thanks for that was a bit brainfogged there.
  17. Maryfield, yeah I've spent a lot of drunken nights in there although I've not been in there for a while so couldn't comment personally on what it is like there but my brother still frequents there when he's over so can't be that bad.
  18. I've heard on the news that the Scottish Chief Medical Officer (can't remember said persons name) thinks that the smoking ban will "virtually" end lung cancer in Scotland. Did have to check that it April Fools Day hadn't been swapped about. I think that the Chief Medical Officer should have more sense than to be announcing things like. Maybe in the long, who knows it might but I don't think smoking is the only cause of lung cancer. I'm a non smoker but believe if people want to smoke it's thier lives.
  19. I think it's a joke especially when you have to pay through the nose to use their "service". I just worry what they are going to do when the green taxes come in, being a bit of a pessismist when it comes to larger corporations, I can see people in the isles having to shoulder more of the burden financially than those using the London routes.
  20. I believe I have seen a ghost in a photo before and if anyone has copy they can look themselves. It was at the unveiling of the Leirna at Bressay when she took over fae the Grima. Everyone was on deck getting their photo taken but there was someone up in the bridge who is no longer with us as I say if anyone knows of someone that has a copy they can check it out themselves.
  21. Glad I wasn't eating there. In Bressa it was a busy night, Mam and Dad had about 20 odd guizers I think from about 8-9:30. We were trying to sort things out for them coming down and had to keep phoning each other back as folk kept knocking on the door.
  22. I thought the big thing about the Salem witch trials was that none of the defendants actually practised witchcraft. Very true but as far as I can gather a lot of "witches" did jump on the witchy/new age band wagon not so far back and moved there and if you go there now there are lots of witchy/new age shops there As for how many can actually trace their witchy heritage as far back as the trials your guess is as good as mine........
  23. I personally think anyone can do anything if they can put their mind to it. As said in another thread I attended psychic development circles. Now you can either say I'm completely deluded which is entirely your opinion but I do think that there is something in it. Being in circle none of us were ever taught "go out there and fleece as many as the public you can". Most of us were just wanting to develop what we had and had no intention of doing readings the whole time; in fact a lot of them had experiences in which they wanted to find out more about this. I personally do readings for people don't charge money for them, although I don't do them very often but if asked I will (I've done them since I was in my teens at school). You can usually tell if people are there just to try and avoid making a decision they need to make themselves in that case you just need to counsel them through it. Absolving yourself of any responsibility of major factors in your life is not a good way to go and I have said to a few people you need to get counselling or go to a doctor as that is the only way to get around it. I was always taught the only person that should be asking questions is the sitter not the reader. I am very sceptical of some TV psychics/medium it's just another "look at me" phenomenon in the cult of celebrity. Mr TA is a bit sceptical so I've said I'll pay for him to see a medium and see what he thinks after that. If he's not impressed all well and good it's my money not his.
  24. Orbs hmm... I think some are true, some not. I've seen a couple of pictures with what I would call geniune orbs at my work (I work as an Office Manager at an Estate Agents so work with a lot of the pictures) they didn't go on the schedules for that property. I've attended psychic develpment circles myself and while my group were fairly down to earth *ahem* as it were we met others groups who were intent that anything that happened to them was something otherworldy and spirit was trying to contact them now to me that is just avoiding all responsibility for your life.
  25. That sounds a brilliant idea to me although: a)I'd hope there wouldn't be too many Acorah-esque mediums trying to makes names for themselves and one other minor point.... We've not moved back up north yet still in West Lothian I've not been to any vigils yet we were to go when I was attending circle. I've passed by the Kirk o Shotts a few times. I'd like to do more scientific experiments that would be good. I don't believe in holding any seances unless people truly know what they are doing and know how to protect themselves. Most people don't in my experience. The airy fairy one.
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