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black lives matter

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My understanding is that graves and statues are reminders of our past.


We should be mature enough to take lessons and learning from them, not vilify and hide them.


Problem is it WAS a target of vandalism so a temporary cover over the name would have been a better compromise than tearing up the whole stone and replacing it anew,

Especially since in perhaps 30 years people wont care as much after all there is a finite amount one can gain from this grand standing and virtue signaling its just going to take a few years for them to run out of steam.

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All the tools for retaliation against their actions are all owned by the government thus you can only get a government abuser of rights prosecuted if they are both positively identified and low enough on the totem pole for them to let you.


Besides that you only have the option of a foreign state applying diplomatic pressure or a coup but considering they have the most well funded military in the world and even a militarily superior challenge would run out of steam before they sustained notable loses as per attrition warfare

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