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  1. The figures have come from the forecourts, i.e. retailers so I would not imagine so. I take it to mean the suppliers of the fuel to the retailers
  2. Premier League 16th May Thistle 4 v 2 Ness Unst 3 v 4 Spurs Whitedale 8 v 1 Yell Delting 2 v 3 Whalsay
  3. do we know who voted in favour of the motion?
  4. Yeah it is a bit crazy the subs rule, no real local autonomy for the association. I guess it is no longer Shetland FA rules we play by but the Scottish ones which are probably one size fits all. I guess there is no workaround to this unfortunately.
  5. penfold you may be able to answer this but when was the Shetland Football Association constitution amended and formally approved to fall into line with the Scottish Amateur Football Association? And having looked at the SAFA constitution online where does the maximum of 5 years come from? As I understand it Mr Saunders and Mr Mouat where charged with standard offences with fixed suspensions so where does the 5 year ban come in? Was that the Shetland Football Association viewpoint?
  6. Premier league 9th May Yell 1 v 6 Delting Scalloway 5 v 2 Unst Celtic 2 v 3 Whalsay Spurs 3 v 3 Thistle Premier league 12th May Ness 2 v 2 Yell Whitedale 2 v 4 Delting Scalloway 2 v 2 Celtic
  7. not good to hear that news. I hope for all sakes that the injury was caused accidently. As for suspensions if someone was guilty of some challenge with malicious intent, I know it was in a different league but the 8 game ban handed out to Mr Saunders of Yell for a petulent wave of his boot may give an indication of what someone who actually meant to injure someone should receive.
  8. Does anyone know when the store will close? Has a date been fixed?
  9. Mardrid Cup Prelim round 28th April Ness 3 v Spurs 4 Monday 5th of May Quarter-finals Thislte 2 v Delting 4 Spurs 3 v Yell 2 Celtic 2 v Scalloway 3 Whalsay 4 v whitedale 2 Monday 19th of May Semi-finals Delting 1 v Whalsay 2 Scalloway 3 v Spurs 2 Saturday May 31st Madrid Cup Final Whalsay 3 v Scalloway 1
  10. Premier league 2nd May Whitedale 4 Celtic 2 Scalloway 3 Ness United 2 Delting 5 Thistle 1 Spurs 4 Yell 2 Sat 3rd May Premier league Unst 2 Whalsay 6
  11. totally agree with that penfold. It is important that all clubs try their very best to attend this meeting.
  12. Would be very interested in this but I think it clashes with the Premier league fixtures that night which is unfortunate. Do you know if Graeme will be at the Shetland Football Association monthly meeting the previous night - Thursday 1st
  13. is this report available to the general public?
  14. Premier League 18th april Whalsay 2 v 2 Whitedale Celtic 4 v 1 Unst Ness Utd 2 v 4 Spurs Thistle 4 v 3 Scalloway Mon 21st april Celtic 3 v 2 Ness Utd Thistle 2 v 2 Whitedale Whalsay 3 v 1 Spurs Fri 25th april Unst 2 v 3 Yell Delting 4 v 2 Scalloway
  15. thats a shame Alan, saw Embrace in Manchester and they were not bad at all. Would have been to see them in Shetland. Was aiming to go but was away fir work.
  16. really Alan, was the turnout not as expected, what levels are we talking about?
  17. God I hope these two peoples opinions are not reflective of the whole Unst populace. Keep up the good work Mhari and all others on the committee. Lets hope for a very successful event. I hope I can make one of the concerts somewhere.
  18. £25m benefit (which I assume means gross impact as I've not seen the report) does not equal £1,000 spend per Shetlander on 'art'!! However this is not the thread to go into how these figures are calculated. My understanding of the creative industries sector encompasses a wide range of organisations and not just your traditional art producers. Architects for example will be included, and with the boom in construction activity at present they are sure to be contributing to the total of £25m. Knitwear producers exporting to Japan, Web designers doing their work, graphic designers producing leaflets, banners, etc. Anyway that is going a bit off topic sorry
  19. yeah I was kind of shocked at the increase in the price of a plate of salad - seems to have gone up quite recently - £8.50 it was. I seem to remember it being £5.50 not so long ago.
  20. not sure if it counts or not but junction at bottom of king harald street and burgh road is a bit mad at times with the road on the other side doon ta hays especially if there are cars waiting to pull oot at all the junctions
  21. bayern munich next round
  22. don't suppose you have any contact details for dem?
  23. yeah dat is da guy dat i'm after i think!
  24. Hi, does anyone have the contact details of the local person that does the Sky TV installations in Shetland? I'm desperately trying to speed up the date of a Sky TV installation!!
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