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  1. I'm with you on that. Don't know if it's worth keeping bookmarked now, quality has dropped dramatically. Shame as until now it has been the best local online news
  2. Has anyone else been suffering from lack of Freeview/ BT vision signal today (Friday). I'm in Scalloway and apart from 20 mins at about 7pm have had no signal all day!! Am I alone in this?? (***Mod Edit - Moved to Science & Technology forum***)
  3. so they should, have you seen the price of the bikes !!!!- it's a specialist shop not your run of the mill kids bike
  4. Heinz soup 75p Weisdale shop/ petrol place - 84p tesco
  5. Anyone else lost their mobile signal this afternoon???? (*** Mod - merged ***)
  6. Beats me why the schools were closed anyway - the roads were all clear. All it meant was I had to take another unpaid day off of work
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