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Should the obese pay more on air flights?


Should the obese pay more for airflights?  

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  1. 1. Should the obese pay more for airflights?

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Having Diabetes, can be a big problem when trying to loose weight. They have to eat X amount of calories 4 times a day plus insulin 4 x a day. And one has to balance the other one as well. And add exercise and before you know it the person is on the ground in a coma. Some here who as far as I can see are opening there cake hole when they my have no experience of this complaint. Some are born with this complaint. Some of you are starting to act like cabinet ministers, with there knee jerk reactions to every problem. Who’s next to be picked on. How about all those Ar*holes who you see after the world cup pissed to the eyeballs. Most of the overweight men I have met are mostly in the pub knocking back the beers. So how ironic is that maybe this Dr John Tickell should sort out the beer swilling men in his own land first and set an example?

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and get a f in grip. F in smelly hippies :lol:


There is no f in 'grip' nor 'smelly hippies'.


This thread seems to be moving away from the topic. The question was whether or not overweight and/or obese people should pay extra for their flights.


I don't think it is practical at all. It is one of these, 'Where will it stop' questions. On a windy day with a plane with very few passengers do you start charging the light people because they aren't creating enough ballast?

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There was a programme on ages ago and this larger-sized American chap was pointing out all the environmental adaptations that need to be made to accommodate increasing numbers of people of larger sizes;


wider seats on buses / trains / trams / planes etc.

larger cars

wider, stronger seats in bars / hotels / waiting rooms / schools etc etc.

Wider, stronger beds in hotels

Larger beds in hospitals, heavier duty lifting gear / hoists, heavy duty scales, X-ray tables, examination couches, MRI and CT Scanners, Ambulance stretchers...


Stronger and wider toilet seats in public areas... etc


Now, it is still difficult enough for folk in wheelchairs to try & find a disabled toilet ...



New Building Regulations are going to have to include 6 separate toilets in for example, a cafe that seats more than 23 people {or is it 21?} in all new builds.



Large Male


Large Female


Large Disabled...


- how many smaller cafes/ pubs / etc. can afford the space / cost of that?

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