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Councils get banned jargon list

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It's like a pofor

What is a pofor?


A po is for peeing in :lol:

Sorry EM It's just that I have waited years to get that one in


Increase in Budget In real terms

The seasonally adjusted figure

The EU corrupt gravy train


Heard this one today

Local strategic partnership

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I've lived in the London Borough of Newham for way too long - I got 4/7.


Someone asked what glass ceiling was. Another term used with this is "sticky floor".


Originally a feminist term, it refers to invisible barriers stopping people (especially women) from being able to progress in their careers, such as in male dominated areas. Glass ceilings within investment banks, firms of stockbrokers are prime examples.


In other words, you can get so far and then the men won't let you progress any further/childcare constraints limits hours you can work (attending meetings outside normal hours, etc.)


Nowadays, it refers to both men and women.


Hope this makes sense.



unlinkedstudent PGDip WS (Ruskin)

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Warning, link is probably not safe for work.


Somebody has designed a sprootle Detector that allows you to enter any URL and get the sprootle rating from it. This is based around the banned jargon list. :)


I tried running it through a few pages including a couple from the SIC website and a couple from Viking Energy. Quite interesting results. ;)

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