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price comparisons

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Far Haaf

If you take a view of profit margins in the retail sector then you will find that the only retailer in Shetland who is actually ripping people off is Tesco..

Well said that wo/man. :thmbsup

Tesco today candle low energy bulbs 20p, Local electrical shop 499p I needed 12 and wish i had gone to Tesco first. I will shop at Tesco first next time.


What brand were the Tesco bulbs and what brand were the ones for 499p just out of interest?


I bought a few of Megaman and Lyvia lamps and they seem to do the job.



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I would be cautious buying games consoles from amazon, a colleague of mine has done this and the device ended up coming from belgium with a european plug on it.


The one you would buy from your local retailer are intended for the uk market. Also don't rely on the back up service from an amazon seller as in my own experience when something goes wrong it's a deal with it yourself scenario. I like it when i can go see someone about a faulty item and get them to deal with it.


Your not just paying for the goods your paying for the service.

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I bought something from an Amazon Marketplace seller that came with a European plug. And, although it was in all other respects a good bit of kit it did not have the right connection for the intended use so got returned to Amazon for a refund which I got with no problems. That said I would have more confidence buying things direct from Amazon rather than those marketplace sellers.

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